Off Leash Dog Parks for a Few Hours a Day

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Submitted by Dave Stecher

I’d like to contribute to the “off leash” dog park discussions. My wife and I moved to Coronado two years ago from Poway. We quickly realized that our beautiful new community discourages off leash pet training and playing. In Poway, it was rare to see a dog on a leash while on the many miles of activity trails. Taking a stroll with our dogs was a great way to socialize with our neighbors and other canines. We appreciate that Coronado has a denser population and having dogs running off leash might be dangerous for all concerned. By allocating a few hours a day in our neighborhood parks to allow our beloved pets to play and socialize, [this] allows them and us to mix and mingle with the neighbors we’ve grown to love and appreciate.

We go to great lengths to assure that these parks are clean. No one appreciates a “poo free” park more than a dog owner!

Dave Stecher


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