Coronado Author of “Questions for Kids” Asks You to Question Your Kids

Jon Pollock
Jon Pollock
All too often kids these days are focused on screens, rather than scenes. They would rather text than talk – and rarely does anyone ever ask them to use their brains and really think.

Coronado author Jon Pollock says, “My purpose in writing Questions for Kids is to change this dynamic.  About 18 months ago, we simultaneously asked six grandchildren the following question:

How do you know if someone really loves you?”

There is no simple answer to complex questions like this. Each child had to craft their own response. After a specified time, they had to privately give us their answer. Later, each child publicly announced what they came up with, to the entire family.

As expected, we got six different answers, and all of them were good in their own way. We then talked about which responses were most interesting, thoughtful, innovative, and complete. Lots of emphasis was put on words versus deeds to differentiate casual and superficial relationships from something much deeper and longer lasting.

The family discussion was funny, sensitive, sad, and sometimes even very emotional. Throughout the dialogue it was obvious that all of the kids were learning something, and this was the point. Since then our question for the day has become a family tradition.

Questions for Kids has over 700 complex questions categorized into eleven topics including You, Peers, Family, Social Media, Education, Beliefs, etc. A lot of these questions have already been used by our friends. Everyone has uniformly reported on the wonderful family discussion that has resulted, and then they all asked for more questions.

There will be a book signing at Bay Books on August 31st, at 5:00pm.

The book is currently available at Bay Books, on demand at: and in paper back or Kindle version.


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