Off Road Lamps Must be Covered for Highway Driving

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Submitted by Roger Wilbanks


I have been a Coronado resident for about six and a half years. My daughter goes to school at Village Elementary. I thought the following information might be of interest to Coronado Times readers.

Just after the turn of a green light on southbound 3rd and Orange, on my way to work this morning, I was pulled over by the Coronado Police department. The officer informed me that I had been pulled over due to my vehicle’s off road lights not having covers on them.

Now, I have a 2016 Jeep Wrangler, and I know there are many Coronado residents with Jeeps (some are my neighbors), and most especially many North Island servicemen and women who also have Jeeps, many with light bars as well. Thus it may be of interest to note for other Jeep locals that the CPD is now issuing tickets for off road lights that do not have covers. Of particular interest however, is that according to the issuing officer, a violation of California Vehicle Code 24411 is not correctable, and a court appearance in Chula Vista is required.

I called the CPD and attempted to validate with the traffic sergeant that this is in fact not a fixable ticket (as in my opinion, it should be, but I digress). I have yet to receive confirmation. [UPDATE: The CPD Traffic Sergeant has since confirmed that this is a correctable infraction after all, and that the issuing officer was to have the citation amended as such.]

In any event, I saw two other Jeeps on my way to work in Mission Valley this AM whose light bars do not have covers, and in full disclosure I can honestly say that I have never seen a Jeep on a California highway with covers on the light bar. I fully anticipate I will see more Jeeps without off road light covers on my way home today. That being said, learn from my costly and inconvenient infraction, and share with your fellow off roaders who might also have aftermarket lights what CPD is doing.

  Roger Wilbanks


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