Halloween Happening!


On Friday, October 28th, The Coronado Recreation Department is hosting their annual Halloween Happening from 3:30-5:30pm at the Coronado Community Center.   Mons-terrific Crafts, Carnival Games, Jumpees, Gruesome Grub and a Tot Lot will highlight the Halloween Happening Activities.

You can win prizes when you ring a goblin, shoot a ghost or toss a pumpkin at one of the many carnival games.  Then, enjoy pizza, hot dogs, nachos, beverages and more at the gruesome grub refreshment stand.  Children can decorate a canvas trick or treat bag or design a Halloween Necklace at the holiday crafts area.  Everyone will be entertained by the H2A Dance Teams as they perform hip hop dances to popular Halloween tunes.

New this year at the Halloween Happening is the Tricks and Treats Room.  This mysterious new sensory experience will have participants smell, taste, touch, hear and see Halloween like they have never done before!  For adults, it will bring back childhood nostalgia of autumns past, for children it will create new fall memories.  The Tricks and Treats Room brings Halloween fun for all ages to the Community Center so everyone can taste something yummy; smell something amazing; feel some sensations; hear some surprising sounds and view some things that are uniquely different.

Make sure to wear your Halloween costume that afternoon for an extra special holiday fun time!  For details on this events, contact The Coronado Recreation Department at (619) 522-7342.


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