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Update: CMS and Village Elementary Robotics Teams Compete at Legoland: Technologics Win Best Teamwork Award

Team members Slater Aiello, James McNary, Nathan, Goff, Jason Meoni, and Henry Warner of the CMS Technologics Robotics Team grabbed first place for teamwork at the First Lego League Competition held at Legoland this past weekend. They prevailed over 62 other teams! Way to go guys!

Village Elementary Nado Bots and CMS Technologics take on the competition this weekend at the First Lego League Robotics competition held in Carlsbad, California at Legoland.

Members of the Village Elementary Nado Bots, CMS Technologics and CMS Cyber Dragons competed in the Eastlake Robotics competition in November 2012.

The Village Elementary Nado Bots, coached by Tim Ruth and fifth grade teacher Mr. Andrijasevich and the CMS Technologics, coached by Beth Aiello, Cindy Mc Nary, and Nancy Goff will be competing this weekend at Legoland as part of the FLL or First Lego League Robotics competition.

Members of the CMS Technologics, with Coach Beth Aiello, participate in their final practice before the big Legoland competition.

The competition will include a presentation of the FLL Core Values and three Robot Challenge Runs. The teams built and programmed their robots during after school meetings. During the Robot Challenge Runs, there will be specific tasks the robot has to complete.

Members of the CMS Technologics compete with their robot at the November 2012 Eastlake Robotics Competition.

The theme this year for the presentation is “Senior Solutions” and required teams to research and/or invent something to benefit or aid senior citizens. The Technologics team visited the Coronado Retirement Village and met with several seniors to discuss problems and issues that are common for their age group. The team was able to share their ideas, as were the seniors, and the result is a demo app called “The Senior Sidekick”, intended to help seniors exercise. The app involves an anime person who will lead the user through a list of exercises chosen from a list. Though the clubs spend a good deal of time building and programming their robots, Robotics is not just about the robots. It is evident from the presentation theme that it’s also about taking care of one’s community and solving real world problems.

Members of the CMS Technologics visited the Coronado Retirement Village as part of their presentation research.

There are Robotics clubs at CHS, Silver Strand Elementary, Village Elementary and Coronado Middle School. The CMS Technologics met twice a week for two and a half hours.

Best of luck to all those competing this weekend.


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