Thursday, December 8, 2022

The Heritage Trees of Coronado (Photos)

Today I toured my beautiful hometown of Coronado, CA and visited each one of our majestic Heritage Trees. There are 6 official Heritage Trees in the Crown City. The Heritage Tree Program is part of the Coronado Street Tree Committee, which is dedicated to “the purpose of identifying, promoting awareness, maintaining and protecting designated Heritage Trees located within the City,” according to the City of Coronado’s government website.

To be designated a “Heritage Tree” the specimen must meet the three following criteria as outlined by the Coronado Street Tree Committee:

1) Must be structurally sound, without disease, true to its genetic form, and
not topped or badly pruned.

2. Must have full potential to reach mature size and form, taking into
consideration site constraints such as adjacent buildings, parkways,
roadways, utilities, etc.

3. Must be visible from publicly accessible location(s).

Meet Coronado’s 6 Heritage Trees:
Serial 001 Torrey Pine located in Palm Park (Palm Ave. at Third St.) – The Torrey Pine was designated the City of Coronado’s Official Tree in 2006 and is the rarest type of pine in the United States.
Serial 002 Torrey Pine located near the front entrance of the Coronado Library (600 block of Orange Ave.)

Serial 003 Star Pine located in Rotary Plaza (intersection of Orange Ave. and Isabella Ave.) – This beauty also serves as the City’s living Christmas tree during the Holiday Season.

Serial 004 Torrey Pine (Sixth St. and Pomona Ave.)
Serial 005 Moreton Bay Fig (1121 Star Park Circle)
Serial 006 Fern Pine (525 I Ave.)

These special trees are living monuments to our great city and I had a great time exploring and viewing these glorious members of our community.

To learn more about the Coronado Heritage Tree Program, please visit this page on the City of Coronado website. Also, If you have a favorite local tree that you think would be a good candidate for the Heritage Tree Program, you can nominate it by filling out this form: Heritage Tree Nomination and contacting the City of Coronado Department of Public Services.

Now it’s your turn to walk, bike, drive, rollerblade, skateboard around town and visit these beautiful trees for yourself!
Photography graciously provided by Andrew Morse.
Anne Covington
Online Editorial Intern