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Objections to Cays Park Proposed Redesign

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Submitted by Jim Collora

I have lived in The Coronado Cays since mid-1988 and I use the Cays Park practically every day of the week to take my dog for a walk, play softball on the diamond or just walk through the park with friends.

I am well aware of the plans afoot to change the configuration of the park and add features such as a sun deck, improved lighting, more walking paths and more space for soccer fields, etc.

I and many others have attempted on several occasions to clearly state our objections to the new proposed design, for example:

  • The configuration of the dog run is to be changed, which will reduce the space for dogs to run. The new design is more of a dog corral than a dog run.
  • The new design eliminates the softball diamond entirely. Please note that the softball diamond is currently used by a senior softball group and many young people throughout the week who are attempting to learn the sport.
  • The new design provides for enhanced lighting, sun decks, and more walking paths with exercise equipment. Nice, but who is asking for any of these enhancements?

My major concern is that despite my friends and me attending many meetings and giving our input, and collecting over 600 signatures on a petition to make minimal changes to Cays Park, there is a strong feeling that the City Council is fixed in their views, and that short shrift will be given to any criticism of the proposed design. My sense is that this project has taken on a life of its own and there is little consideration being given as to what will be lost if we rush headlong into an upgrade project based on the current proposed design.

I am asking through this letter that the City Council and the Parks and Recreation Committee take a step back and try to build some consensus based upon broad input from the citizens of Coronado. Perhaps you will find that only a very narrow group of well-meaning citizens are the only ones who are asking for changes and upgrades.

Best regards,
Jim Collora, Cays Resident


Editor’s Note: For more on the history of the Cays Park Master Plan project, public outreach, and past meetings, click here.

Managing Editor
Managing Editor
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