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CHS Powderpuff: Class of 2023 Wins 26-8 in End-of-Year Tradition

Powderpuff, June 2, 2023.

As a long-standing tradition at Coronado High School (CHS), Powderpuff features a fun flag football game between the junior and senior girls. The juniors are decked-out in pink and the seniors are clad in blue.

This year, the senior class of 2023 defeated the juniors by a score of 26-8. 

As a junior, I was obviously rooting for the class of 2024, but the game simply didn’t lean in our favor. We managed to score one touchdown, which was run by Tatiana Potter

After the two-point conversion, the juniors were on the board with 8 points. Unfortunately, it would be the last run of the night as the seniors dominated the second half of the game.

The junior class of 2024 celebrates their one touchdown.

Offensive coach for the football players, Graham Bower shared his experiences preparing for the game. 

“I really enjoyed the experience of coaching the girls for football this year. It was a fun time to be able to teach my friends how to play and help them understand the game more. They really improved in just a minimal amount of practices and I loved seeing how much fun they were having,” Graham commented. 

Defensive coach Abraham Berke also shared his perspective. 

“It was fun but it was also a little frustrating because I feel like we coached our team to a certain standard, and I feel like the seniors really undercut that standard. We called pretty good plays defensively, but it just didn’t work. These are all lessons for next year. It’s disappointing that we lost, and I definitely take a large portion of the responsibility as I was coaching the defense.”

On a more positive note, Abraham shared that the highlight of the game was snapping clipboards in half as a way to release his frustration. 

“I had 24 clipboards and I broke them all,” he remarked. “It was also just really fun to be a coach, and even though we lost it was still really fun to teach people football.”

Andreana Frangos played nose tackle on the defensive line for the juniors, and she provided input on her first time experiencing Powderpuff.

“Honestly, Powderpuff was so much fun! Not only was the game super fun but talking to classmates that I hadn’t interacted much with was a lot of fun! We might not have won but we worked so hard and it was an event to remember, that’s for sure. We learned a lot for next year. Go juniors!”

Photo by Elsie Hammond
Photo by Mitsy Bear

Another aspect of the Powderpuff tradition is the cheerleading competition between the junior and senior boys. Each team creates a dance routine which is performed at the pep rally and at halftime. 

This year, the seniors were unanimously voted as the cheerleading champions.

Another year of Powderpuff traditions is in the books for CHS! The juniors are certainly looking forward to crushing the class of 2025 next year.

Seniors, Class of 2023. Photo by Heidi Iversen

Bella Villarin
Bella Villarin
Bella is a proud military brat who has been a resident of Coronado since 2015. She was born in Japan, and after a short stay in Virginia, traveled extensively throughout Asia while living in Singapore and picking up another language. A junior at Coronado High School, Bella can be found at the driving range or golf course when not in school, studying, writing, playing the guitar, or spending time with her family. Have news to share? Send tips, story ideas or letters to the editor to: [email protected]