Monday, May 29, 2023

Islander Girls Lacrosse Take Home Win Against Scripps Ranch 12-10

On May 1st, the Islander Girls Lacrosse team took on Scripps Ranch. Going into the game, many thought it might be an easy win because of their previous experience with this team, however that was not the case. This game was on and off with Scripps Ranch inching their way towards victory, but coming up centimeters short. Coronado was able to pull away with the close win 12-10.

Post win: Julia Mineo (left), Lauren Hundley (right)

Lauren Hundley scored first and set the pace. She uses her speed and agility to cut through the defense and receive passes to quickly shoot and score. This would be the first of her three goals of the night.

Lauren Hundley

Katie Collins also had a total of three goals and each one came with a powerful shot, sneaking into the net. The Islanders were playing their game, on their turf, and weren’t going to lose.


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Katie Collins

Grace Elardo and Jordan Peterson also contributed to the first half scoring. They helped extend the first half lead, pushing the ball around, and connecting with teammates to set up scoring opportunities.

Grace Elardo
Jordan Peterson

On the defensive front, Emma Terry had an incredible game. Throughout the battle she had many clutch saves. She tracked the ball perfectly and would stop it with her body or with her stick, stuffing the shots taken on goal and helping the Islanders to keep the lead.

The halftime score had the Islanders up by four at 8-4.

To start the second half, Scripps Ranch put the first goal in, but it was soon followed by Julia Mineo who had her first of two goals that evening. She was able to force a shooting space violation and get a penalty shot. She is a beast at these, knocking the ball into the net at a wicked speed. The ball is essentially impossible to save.

Julia Mineo

Coronado only had four goals in the second half, compared to Scripps Ranch who had six. But thanks to the Islanders nice lead at half it didn’t matter too much in the end. Out of the four goals, Charlotte Peterson had two. On both goals, she had a very quick release after receiving a pass and would snipe it directly into the net. The Scripps Ranch goalie had no chance.

Charlotte Peterson

The final score was 12-10 with the Islanders taking the win. These girls have been working so hard this season. The playoffs will be starting soon, so keep an eye out for the upcoming games and schedule.


Graham Bower
Graham Bower
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