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Islander Boys Lacrosse Earns 17-11 Win Over Granite Hills

Final score Islanders over Granite Hills Eagles

On Wednesday March 8th, the Islanders took on the Granite Hills Eagles and it was one to remember. The game was incredibly close in the beginning and very back and forth. Goal from Coronado, then goal from Granite Hills. It seemed like every time Coronado did something well, it was cancelled out by the Eagles doing the same.

Starting off strong, Derek Sandie sunk the first goal. Shortly after, Charley Kobets followed with another point, setting the score at 2-0 within the first couple minutes.

#13 Charley Kobets heading to the sideline with his team after a timeout has been called

Granite Hills would answer back with three goals in a row to take the lead 3-2.

However, Robby Spane took the game back and scored to tie it up, launching the ball so fast into the back of the net you would think it would rip straight through.

Robby Spane dominating the faceoff

Shortly after that goal, Granite Hills scored, but Robby answered back and scored again.

Just before the end of the first quarter Jared Capin snuck in a goal to tie it back up after Granite Hills had responded back to Robby’s goal. Confused yet? It certainly made for an exciting game!

The game was tied at 5-5 at the end of the first quarter.

Jared Capin just after scoring the goal to tie

The rest of the game was dominated by Coronado. Granite Hills scored sixe more times while Coronado scored 12 more times. Those 12 goals scored were spread out by many players. It was as if Oprah showed up and started handing out stats to the players like, “you get a goal, and you get a goal, and you get a goal.”

Landon Sutherland played a big role in extending the lead. Shooting and juking beautifully and just finding exploits in the defense. Along with that, his speed and accuracy when shooting was unstoppable for the goalie.

Alongside Landon, Matthew Tetzlaff and Maximus Kieffer added to the goals with amazing shots. Receiving perfect passes and releasing quickly was the name of the game. Having that fast release and shot was too powerful for the goalie to save, inevitably helping Coronado to extend the lead.

Another scorer on the team was Michael Bannon, who may not seem intimidating, but once you see his agility, you’re impressed.

The game concluded with the Coronado Islanders as the victor. Seems like a trend that the Eagles lose … Super Bowl … and now lacrosse.

Scoring Overview:

Landon Sutherland: 3 Goals

Robby Spane: 3 Goals

Charley Kobets: 2 Goals

Matthew Teztlaff: 2 Goal

Maximus Kieffer: 2 Goals

Derek Sandie: 2 Goals

Jared Capin: 2 Goals

Michael Bannon: 1 Goal

Total: 17 Goals

Next Game:

The Coronado Boys Lacrosse team will have their next home game on Monday, March 13th at 5pm against Southlake, Texas.

Graham Bower
Graham Bower
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