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Bikeworthy – It’s a “Sinch” to Get “Off Island” for an eBike Adventure

The Aventon Sinch made it a breeze to get to Imperial Beach and also Balboa Park.

Last November, we were introduced to the Aventon Aventure ebike and absolutely loved the simplicity, power, craftsmanship and overall ride. One of the only “challenges” was that it was not easy to fit into a vehicle to explore ebike opportunities “off island”. Well, Aventon solved the portability issue with their Aventon Sinch – a fat-tired, high-quality, foldable ebike. Now, it’s a “Sinch” to get over the bridge and into adventure beyond Coronado.

Putting it Together (AKA Unfolding It)

It took less than 10 minutes to “assemble” the Sinch – honestly, the hardest part is making sure you have a friend to help you lift it out of the box. Yes, this is a SOLID bike that weights about 68 pounds. Still, it’s easier to load and unload compared to other models, but we recommend having a friend help get it out of the box and also help load or unload into your vehicle.

Aventon does a great job with packaging the bike and keeping it simple.  You can see by the below video just how easy it is to assemble:

Favorite Features of the Aventon Sinch

  • Portability – simple to collapse for putting in car trunk or storing in your garage
  • Fat Tires – easy to ride on roads made of cement, dirt or even sand
  • Cushy Suspension – bumps are barely felt due to the high end front shocks
  • Family Sized – fits a rider from 5’0″ – 6’3″ (simple to raise seat or handlebars)
  • Step-Through – a smart option to more easily get on and off
  • 7-Speed Shifter – peddle as much or as little as you want
  • Go for Miles – gets 30-40 miles out of a single charge

Strand Adventure Was a “Sinch”

Typically, biking down to Imperial Beach, via the Strand, is a major workout (which isn’t a bad thing, unless you really don’t want a huge workout). Not necessarily going down to IB, but coming back against the wind towards Coronado. With the Aventon Sinch, we peddled down with the assist on “1” and it was a breeze. On the way back, we cranked up the assist level to “3” and made it back to Coronado in less than 30 minutes (keep in mind it would have taken 15 minutes to drive the 9 miles back).

Bonus: Refreshments were responsibly enjoyed at Novo Brazil Brewing.

Exploring Balboa Park

Less than six miles away is Balboa Park. Not only are there great museums, but plenty of trails for hiking or ebiking. Here is a short clip showing how simple it was to get the Sinch from Coronado to Balboa Park and into nature.

Summary and Price

Overall, the Sinch is an electrifying ebike that is easy to fold, transport and unfold into adventure – we loved it. At 68 pounds, it’s still a bit heavy, but with a friend, it’s easy to load and unload. The front shocks made riding on bumpy roads and packed-sand a breeze. The ebike also has a 7-Speed shift lever that allows you to peddle-assist at the level you need to save battery and get more exercise!

As of March 12, 2023, the Aventon Sinch is priced at $1399 (marked down from $1599). It comes with a 14-day return policy and a one-year warranty. Learn more.

Images courtesy of Aventon.

Follow the Rules

Make no mistake, all types of bikes are enjoyable to ride around town, but warnings and citations will be given to operators breaking the laws or municipal codes. Just look at the increase in 2022 compared to previous years:

Source: Coronado Police Department Data (Presented at March 2023 City Council Meeting).


The City of Coronado is having a series of “Bike Rodeos” to help educate all ages of riders and we cannot encourage this enough. The City has also put out this PSA that is worth watching:

Image Credit: San Diego Bike Coalition

This review is part of a partnership with Aventon.

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