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Optimists Recognize Coronado Firefighters for Rescuing Club President

Coronado firefighters were recognized at an Optimist Club of Coronado meeting on February 2 for rescuing the club president from a fall on January 15, 2023

(L-R) – Coronado Mayor Richard Bailey, Firefighters: Kevin Lydon, Jacob Mazzenga, Andrew Dorosan, Capt. Colin McKay, Christopher Diehl, Anthony Andersen, and Paul Lull President, Optimist Club of Coronado

On February 2, 2023, the Optimist Club of Coronado hosted the Coronado Firefighter crew that had rescued their president Paul Lull on January 15 of this year. Lull had suffered a fall in his home and his wife found him unconscious around 11:15 pm and called 9-1-1.

The firefighter crew in the photo above responded to the Lull home immediately. As Lull regained consciousness his first recollection was Firefighter/Paramedic Jacob Mazzenga kneeling over him asking him questions he could not answer like what year and month it was. The team determined the course of action, then said “we’ve got to go now” and rushed Lull to UCSD-Hillcrest Trauma Center in San Diego.

Lull was released three days later and is still recovering from his concussion and brain bleed. Lull thanked the firefighters for rescuing him and making sure his wife was cared for during the process. Becky Lull reported later to her husband that, “I was anxious, but once the firefighters arrived, they took over and handled everything.”

Captain Colin McKay said the goal of the Coronado Firefighter/Paramedics is to restore the accident victim to their prior condition. To do that they have to have training, division of labor for their five to six person team (everyone has a job to do) and work fast. In this case they were able to accomplish their goal.

Lull thanked the team and said, “In order to live a long, prosperous and happy life with better relationships, become an Optimist (from Christen Larson who wrote the Optimist Creed), but if you happen to fall along the way, pray the good Lord will send someone like the Coronado Firefighters to rescue you.”

Coronado Mayor Richard Bailey also spoke about the Coronado Fire Department team at the meeting. He stated that the Fire Department responds to over 2,200 calls per year. In addition, they add support to other cities and fight wildfires. There have been staffing shortages with the department in the past year yet they still respond quickly and efficiently to every one of those calls. Paul’s case is typical in that he is now a statistic in in this year’s calls that was saved by our Fire Department emergency services. Bailey shared that the firefighters not only receive training in firefighting, but higher-level paramedic credentials and some are lifeguard trained as well.

The Optimist Club of Coronado “Supports the Youth of Coronado” through its Foundation.

If you are interested in joining the Optimist Club of Coronado, please visit the website at:

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