Monday, May 27, 2024

Community Response to the Proposed OZ Mini-Shuttle

A potential design for the OZ mini shuttle created by local artist Jody Esquer.

Emerald Keepers recently proposed the OZ mini-shuttle to the Coronado community for a summer 2023 launch. In brief, OZ is an on-demand mini-shuttle service offering free rides around the village in six-passenger electric vehicles with an option to expand service to the Cays. Similar mini-shuttle programs currently operate in over 30 cities around the United States including many beach towns and San Diego communities, so bringing OZ to Coronado would follow a proven model.

Emerald Keepers invited community feedback on OZ through an online survey that generated over 300 responses. A summary of the survey responses is provided below:

  • Half of the survey respondents had taken the large free summer shuttle bus in summer 2022 indicating the OZ mini-shuttle generated a response both from people who did and did not use the free summer shuttle buses previously.
  • 84% of respondents indicated they would be interested in taking the OZ mini-shuttle in summer 2023. Another 11% indicated they might be interested in the OZ, while 5% indicated they would not be interested in taking the OZ. However, 90% of the respondents who were not interested in taking the OZ mini-shuttle for themselves indicated they would support the mini-shuttle for others.
  • The most popular destinations where people said they would take the OZ included Orange Avenue businesses (85% of respondents), the Ferry Landing (75%) and the beach/recreation center (58%). Other popular destinations included the library/Spreckels Center (44%), local residences (36%), and hospital/doctors office (35%). Given the interest in using OZ to visit local businesses and restaurants, the Chamber of Commerce and Main Street have voiced their support for the OZ mini-shuttle.
  • The most popular reasons given by respondents about why they would take OZ included to avoid parking (92%), to avoid driving (72%), and to reduce emissions (69%). The most common reason given by people not wanting to take the mini-shuttle was a preference to walk or bike.
  • Respondents were also given the opportunity to provide open ended feedback about OZ – over 175 people chose to include additional comments. While the comments addressed a variety of topics, the most common themes were about offering the OZ mini-shuttle year round (36%), recognizing the benefits of the OZ for Coronado’s senior citizens (30%), and extending the OZ service area to include the Cays (23%).

Emerald Keepers online survey about OZ is still open and accepting feedback. Visit to add your input.

Emerald Keepers appreciates the community interest and response to the OZ mini-shuttle. All survey feedback has been shared with the City Manager’s office as well as City Council ahead of their upcoming vote on summer 2023 transportation programs.


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