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Coronado School of the Arts: Classical and Contemporary Dance

CoSA dancers preforming in the Black Box theater. Courtesy image. Photo by Jim Carmody.  

Coronado School of the Arts has an incredible dance conservatory. These talented students meet during 4th and 5th period Monday through Friday with their CoSA classes from 2 to 4:30, although there are different times on Wednesdays. The course is led by director and modern dancer teacher, Gina Bolles Sorensen. Students also learn from ballet teachers Whitney Edwards and Trystan Merrick; their modern/contemporary teachers Chelsea Zeffiro and Viviana Alcazar; and their jazz teacher Mikeal Villela. CoSA dance meets in a professional-style studio on the Coronado High School campus.

The Coronado School of the Arts dance conservatory is split into creative and academic studies. On the creative side the conservatory focuses on three main things. These include training students in learning concert dance techniques, developing creativity, and gaining choreography skills. CoSA dancers have the freedom to create their own unique dances in the styles that interest them with help from faculty. The conservatory focuses on two main groups of dance: contemporary and classical. Students have the opportunity to attempt working from differing professional techniques. Dancers can practice cultural styles from different regions of the globe or even the most popular dances currently.

CoSA dancers during a recent performance. Courtesy image. Photo by Jim Carmody.

Equally as important to creative studies are academic studies. The conservatory incorporates academic studies into the students curriculum as well. Lessons revolve around composition, improvisation, dance pedagogy, body fundamentals, and dance history. Additionally, field trips and internships that align with the classroom instruction are available to students.

Class of 2023 CoSA Dance Seniors. Courtesy image. Photo by Doug McMinimy

CoSA Dance Events:

During the course of the school year students have the opportunity to perform in two dance concerts at the Coronado Performing Arts Center main stage at the high school theater. These dances are a collection of both student and staff choreographed routines. In addition, dancers also preform at many other community events.
Upcoming events include their spring concert on May 19 and 20. “The theme for the spring term is based on Anna Sokolow’s choreography for ‘Rooms’ in 1955,” says Abigail Pearson, CoSA sophomore. The students “will perform dances that are representative of what is happening behind closed doors in different rooms of an apartment building.” You can also see CoSA dance perform at the CoSA Gala on March 11.
Why Join CoSA Dance?

The conservatory is an excellent way to further your talent as a dancer. Many of the students in CoSA dance outside of the course as well. The conservatory is an added experience to allow you to gain more opportunities as a dancer. Preforming in CoSA also helps you build your resume. Pearson says, “Students should join CoSA dance if they have a passion for moving or creating. CoSA dance is a great place to make connections and lifelong friendships. Beyond that, CoSA provides you with a healthy outlet for any stress and emotions.” Most importantly, you get a multitude of opportunities to develop artistry. The CoSA dance atmosphere allows you to thrive with students and faculty alike. The conservatory can truly become “a family” for you at school.

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Maria Laguna
Maria Laguna
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