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Holiday Gift for All Our Coronado Friends

Holiday Gift for Our Coronado FriendsThe holidays are coming and that means we are all searching for the most thoughtful gifts to give our friends and family. There are a wide range of gift options we can choose from including DIY gifts or warm winter wear. We also might choose to support local shops and restaurants. For those of us who live here in Coronado, we have a wide range of wonderful gifts at our fingertips.

Wrapping Others in Warm Winter Wear

We all know the nights can get cold here during the winter months. Therefore, making sure everyone we know has stylish winter outfits is always a thoughtful choice. This might look like us giving someone some comfortable warm slippers. There are many different slippers we could choose from including super comfortable slippers with arch support that make our feet feel like they are wrapped in a hug. We might also decide to share locally made socks to keep everyone’s toes warm and toasty. In addition, we may choose to give festive sweaters so everyone can be warm while watching the sunset on the beach. Since Coronado is on the water, we might also choose winter wear with a palm tree or boat design.

Supporting Local Shops

We have lots of options when it comes to shopping locally. We might try out one of numerous Coronado shopping spots such as Orange Avenue shopping, the shops at the Hotel del Coronado, the shops at the Ferry Landing, or the shops at El Cordova Plaza. With so many wonderful local choices, why would we not share our love for Coronado with all our friends and family near and far?

We might try Seaside Paper, which has one of Southern California’s largest collections of custom-tailored invitations, stationary, wrapping paper and gifts. We might try EST. 1888 where the history of the Hotel del Coronado comes alive in an authentic collection of gift options. We might even hit up Vom Fass, a European market and tasting room known for extra virgin olive oils, balsamic vinegars, spices, gourmet goods, craft spirits & more.

Supporting Local Restaurants

There is something amazing about sharing a festive meal with friends and family. We can choose to give someone the gift of a meal out at one of the numerous restaurants here in Coronado. Also, we can share gift cards so everyone we know can have a wonderful meal whenever they need one. Coronado’s food and drink scene has recently undergone quite the renaissance, with new, elevated culinary options joining an already crave-worthy scene of go-to family favorites.

If we are looking for fine dining, we might check out Serẽa located at the Hotel del Coronado overlooking the Pacific. Serẽa serves sustainable coastal cuisine with just a hint of Mediterranean flair. We might also check out The Henry which is in the heart of Coronado and blends Gatsby-era elegance with ocean-side relaxation. Whereas if we are looking for local favorites, we might try Miguel’s, a festive and colorful San Diego tradition with dishes and service sure to make us smile. We might also try McP’s, an Irish pub with all our bar food favorites. In the end, no matter what type of food someone loves we can find a local restaurant that they will love.

The Joy of DIY Gifts

There is something magical about giving someone a DIY gift because they know it has been made with love. We have many DIY gift making opportunities here in Coronado. For example, we can build a variety of DIY projects at the Coronado AR Workshop, project studio, and boutique. We can create chunky blankets, porch signs, customize a doormat or planter box, or even decorate cookies. While people often say, “I could do that at home,” the workshop makes it simple for us. They do the setting up, provide the necessary equipment, and clean up for us. They also provide us space to be social in a fun and safe environment.

Many students bring family or friends to class. Therefore, this is a good time to put our phones away and talk with others while simultaneously heading home with a project we are proud of. The AR Workshop also provides DIY to-go kits for trays, blankets, and other items, which come with an instructional video and can be completed at home. Their stencil-based creations also let us express ourselves through color, mixing, backdrops, and designs.


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