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Strandworthy: Seaside Candy Drips Nostalgia

Seaside Candy in Imperial Beach is brimming with candy, homemade treats, gifts, Thrifty ice cream and much more, including ambiance for days.

As the season picks up and yet sometimes you find yourself with a slower day or couple hours, head down the Silver Strand to Imperial Beach’s Seaside Candy for a festive, cozy trip down memory lane.

The sweets and gifts shop closed during the pandemic, did some remodeling and reorganizing, and reopened with a similar but polished look. The place is spacious with places to curl up with a laptop, chat at the counter bar or explore shelves with young ones plus those young at heart.

At Seaside Candy, Jules Lawson, age 6, eyes a huge lollipop.

Think Thrifty ice cream is only sold at Rite Aid? Think again. (Seaside’s got it.) Need a great birthday or holiday gift in the form of a toy or game for someone younger or older? There are also numerous spots nestled with treasures including throwback candy, rare flavor candy, and pretty much a cornucopia of options to satisfy any sweet, sour or salty tooth.

Fudge made in-house.

Music playing, disco ball twinkling.

Check out the juke box. Sit in the old telephone booth. Enjoy the arcade games or large patio.

At Seaside Candy, Cole Lawson, age 4, enjoys the miniature car toys.This laid-back environment is fitting along IB’s Palm Avenue, blocks from the beach and near other locations where you can grab food. Seaside Candy has a broad menu as well, including breakfast plus coffee of course, so you won’t go without a beverage or something to satisfy your hunger.

So take the short jaunt to do some shopping small, and take your time discovering gems in this vintage business with a dedication to the old-fashioned feel.

Get your winter chillax on at Seaside Candy down the Silver Strand.

The staff won’t rush you though there will likely be a steady stream of people enjoying the place, satisfying a craving and reminiscing too. The hours are convenient, and you can also book the location for a special event.

Seaside Candy, Jules LawsonWhen I asked the kids what they thought of the trip, Cole (4) said it was “great.”

Jules (6): “I loved it. It was awesome.”

Sounds good enough to me. But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at their website, and check them out on social media too!

Seaside Candy
150 Palm Avenue
Imperial Beach

Open seven days a week:
Monday-Friday 5:30 am – 9 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 6:30 am – 9 pmSeaside Candy at 150 Palm Avenue in Imperial Beach

Aly Lawson
Aly Lawson
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