Friday, December 1, 2023

Carrie Downey is the Answer to Our Concerns

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Submitted by Penny K. White
Paid for by Carrie Downey for Coronado Council 2022

Are you at all apprehensive about climate change’s effect on the environment, especially for our special island? With Carrie Downey’s Master of Laws in Environmental Law and Land Use plus experience with government and citizens, she can help guide Coronado to the best water, land and energy decisions for the future of our environment and property.

Are you concerned about not having enough timely information regarding Coronado City Council issues/decisions and suboptimal citizens’ input? Familiar examples include Coronado Cays parks’ redesigns (including a possible RV park), design review projects for the Landing and historical buildings, water pump stations, and the golf course water reclamation project. During her 12 years as a councilmember, Carrie demonstrated that not only was she extremely well informed about specific details regarding Coronado city projects prior to meetings, but also that she was personally proactive (not just reactive) in seeking hundreds of Coronado citizens’ opinions and concerns; she developed petitions. Presently Carrie is suggesting advanced notice of upcoming topics for discussion; previously she got council hours changed to a later time for better citizen access and participation. Her legal land use, city planning, as well as energy background would also help our town better understand its imposed affordable housing request.

Would you like to see city council members more effectively negotiate with the Navy and CALTRANS regarding relinquishment of California State Highways 75/SR 282, in addition to the continuing excess traffic? As a solutions based Judge Advocate General (JAG) previously affiliated with North Island Naval Base for 10 years, Carrie Downey would undoubtedly have optimal knowledge and skills to help facilitate compromises.

With this upcoming election, we have the opportunity to let Carrie Downey continue to guide Coronado with the benefit of her extensive background knowledge and skill set for our special town’s long term future.

Penny K. White
Paid for by Carrie Downey for Coronado Council 2022




Managing Editor
Managing Editor
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