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Fourth of July FAQs from the City of Coronado 2022

Celebrating Independence Day at Centennial Park

The Fourth of July in Coronado is traditionally the City’s biggest holiday event of the year. This year, the City is expecting many residents and visitors to attend Fourth of July activities. As the City prepares for the three-day holiday weekend celebrations, including the parade down Orange Avenue, it wants the community to be prepared.

Remember, parking is at a premium before the 10 am parade and all weekend. Locals are asked to take alternative transportation, such as the Free Summer Shuttle and bicycles.

A rough water swim and the Crown City Classic run will be held on Saturday, July 2; and the parade down Orange Avenue, the fireworks display, and a Navy parachute demonstration will be held on Monday, July 4. There will be four concerts over the holiday weekends. The holiday is observed on Monday, July 4. Please pay attention to parking restrictions, road closures and safety zones. The Coronado Police Department will create a safety zone around the parade route to ensure event security and to provide a safe area for emergency vehicles. Steel bollards will be in place as a barricade around Orange Avenue. Once the 300-plus bollards are in place, those access points to Orange will be closed for the duration of the parade. However, alleys will remain open.

The City has created the following list of frequently asked questions including when the medians open, road closures towed vehicles and bus service. Things to keep in mind this 2022 Fourth of July holiday:

A Fourth of July Message from the Police Department

Coronado welcomes you to enjoy the three-day Fourth of July weekend celebrations this year. We are expecting larger than normal crowds and hope everyone has a safe and fun-filled weekend. This year, main attractions such as the Crown City 12K/5K Run and the Rough Water Swim will be held on Saturday, July 2. On Sunday, July 3, there will be a Concert in the Park located at Spreckels Park. The 73rd annual parade, the Leap Frogs parachute jump, a patriotic concert in Spreckels Park, a double-header concert on the Coronado Golf Course fairway and fireworks will be held on Monday, July 4.

Parking is going to be limited and difficult to find, so bring your patience. Arrive early to find parking. Please remember to drive safely and slow down as there are many people on foot and on bicycles in town. Pedestrians and bicyclists, please watch for vehicles and other people around you. Remember to lock your bikes and vehicles. Don’t leave valuables in your vehicle. If you are going to drink, designate a sober driver or use a ride share service.

Important Telephone Numbers:
Police Department (towing, non-emergencies, etc.) — 619-522-7350
Public Services (maintenance, restrooms, etc.) — 619-522-7380


What time does the center median open? 

The Orange Avenue medians will open at 5 am on Monday, July 4. There is no camping or staking out. People on the median prior to 5 am will be asked to leave and subject to a citation. Items left unattended on the center median will be removed and taken to the Coronado Public Services building, 101 B Ave., where they can be claimed on Tuesday, July 5, between 8 am and 2 pm. Items not claimed by 2 pm on July 6th, will be discarded. You may set up on the sidewalk side of Orange Avenue before 5 am; however, you cannot leave items unattended or block public rights-of-way. There also is no loading or unloading of items or passengers while stopped in traffic lanes.

When and where does the parade start? 

The parade begins at 10 am on Monday, July 4, at First Street and Orange Avenue, ends at Churchill Place and Ocean Boulevard and lasts about two hours. The parade travels in the southbound lanes of Orange Avenue.

Where is the best place to watch the parade? 

The parade can be viewed anywhere along the southbound lanes of Orange Avenue from First Street to Churchill Place. The parade is also broadcast live on Coronado TV, on Spectrum 19 and AT&T 99, and on the City’s website (

Are there concerts during the holiday weekend?

Yes, there are four free concerts. The first concert is Ron’s Garage on Sunday, July 3, at 6 pm at Spreckels Park. Three other concerts, including one for children, will be held on Monday, July 4. Two will be held at the Golf Course, a Public Kids Concert at 4 pm on the 16th Fairway and Liquid Blue at the same location from 5 to 8:30 pm. Finally, there is a patriotic concert featuring the Coronado Community Band at Spreckels Park at 4 pm.

What roads are closed during the parade? 

Orange Avenue will be closed between First Street and R.H. Dana Place. Vehicle traffic may cross Orange during the parade road closure only at Third and Fourth streets. The 100 and 200 blocks of D, E, F, G, H, I and J avenues will be blocked or have access restricted. First Street between Alameda Boulevard and Orange will be closed, as will Churchill Place and a portion of Isabella Avenue.

When will the Police Department start towing vehicles for events on July 2-4? 

12K Run and Rough Water Swim – towing will start along Glorietta Boulevard and Strand Way on July 2nd, at approximately 5 am. On July 4th, the parade route and staging areas – towing will start at approximately 4 am. Pay attention to posted signs, park legally and your vehicle will not be towed.

What if my car gets towed? 

If your vehicle is towed, please contact the Police Department at 619-522-7350 or stop by the Police Department’s main lobby, 700 Orange Avenue. A release form ($120) from the Police Department is required to claim your vehicle at the tow facility. The registered owner of the vehicle will need to show the Police Department a valid driver’s license in order to get the release form. There also will be additional fees applied by the tow yard.

How do I catch the Free Summer Shuttle or 901 bus? Is there a bus or shuttle for Cays residents?

Public transportation via the Metropolitan Transit System will continue to be provided. Routes normally located within the parade route, including the Free Summer Shuttle, will be relocated during the closures. The City also has contracted with MTS to provide special free bus service on Monday, July 4, for Cays residents that will operate from 7:30 am to 11 pm in 30-minute intervals from the northeast corner of Coronado Cays and Grande Caribe to the southerly corner of Avenue De Las Arenas and Silver Strand Blvd. Stops will be made upon request at Silver Strand Military Housing on the special July 4 free bus service from the Cays to the Village. As parking is at a premium on the Fourth of July, this will provide a convenient alternative to driving for Cays residents.

Are fires or barbecues allowed on the public beach? 

It is not permitted to build a fire on any public beach, except in a city provided fire pit or portable barbecue. All coal and debris from a portable barbecue must be discarded in an official fire pit or hot coal container. The Coronado Municipal Code states that a fire in a fire pit or portable barbecue shall be used only to build beach fires for cooking or warmth, and it shall be unlawful to use the same as incinerators to burn waste or any material restricted by the San Diego County Air Pollution Control District. The materials used for fires on the public beach shall not exceed a height of 12 inches above the upper edge of the fire pit or portable barbecue and shall be contained within the inside edge of the fire pit or portable barbecue. All fires must be properly extinguished before being left unattended. Ashes cannot be covered. All unburned wood shall be removed or placed in receptacles provided by the City. Glass items or containers of any type are not allowed on the beach. Alcohol is not allowed on public property, including the beaches or in the water.

Fireworks 4th of July

What time do the fireworks start? 

The fireworks display over Glorietta Bay will start at 9 pm. The fireworks will last about 15 minutes. The Coronado fireworks display is not connected to the Big Bay Boom. That display also will begin at 9 pm and be visible from the Coronado Ferry Landing.

Are fireworks legal in Coronado?

Fireworks are allowed in Coronado by special permit only from the Coronado Fire Department. The Coronado Municipal Code regulates the use and display of fireworks in accordance with the 2016 California Fire Code as amended and adopted by the City of Coronado. This applies to all fireworks; including those known as consumer or safe-and-sane fireworks. This even applies to sparklers. Fireworks found in the possession of individuals will be confiscated. Individuals are subject to citation for violation of the City’s Municipal Code.

Where can I park my vehicle in Coronado? 

Parking is authorized in any marked legal parking spot. Vehicles that are parked illegally are subject to being towed at the owner’s expense. If you see a “No Parking” sign, do not park your vehicle there or you will be subject to being towed or receiving a citation. The parking restriction signs are certified by the Coronado Police Department several times prior to and on the day of the events so moving a sign will not be a valid excuse. Saving parking spaces is not allowed.

Where can I park my motorhome/RV/trailer? 

Motorhomes can be parked in any legal space they fit into. Oversized vehicles are not required to obtain an oversized vehicle permit from July 3-4; oversized vehicle permits are required prior to July 3 and after July 4. No awnings or slide outs from motorhomes, RVs or trailers will be allowed as they create hazards for other vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians. All trailers must remain attached to vehicles being towed and there is no overnight camping or lodging allowed in the City.

What time does Silver Strand State Beach open on Saturday, July 3 and 4? 

Silver Strand State Beach is set to open at approximately 7 am on July 3, and 6 am on July 4, which will allow vehicles to enter about an hour earlier than normal. The State Beach gates will close when the park is full. Vehicles, motorhomes and trailers are not permitted to stop, park or line up along any part of state Route 75 near the entrance or along the roadway at any time.

Where do I report issues with public or portable restrooms? 

Contact the Public Services Department at 619-522-7380 for matters related to public bathrooms and service, or maintenance issues.

Who do I contact in case of an emergency?

The City reminds the community to keep a watchful eye on their children. Parents of lost children should contact a Police Officer, security staff or call 911. For non-life-threatening emergencies, contact the Police Department at 619-522-7350. Remember: See Something, Say Something!

For the schedule of the three-day weekend, visit:

Coronado 4th of July Schedule