Monday, May 27, 2024

Emerald Keepers Recognizes Top Water Wise Home Fronts

As part of an ongoing water conservation initiative during California’s record drought, Emerald Keepers is pleased to recognize 20 beautiful water wise home fronts around Coronado.

In early April, volunteers with Emerald Keepers and California America Water visited neighborhoods in the Coronado village and Coronado Cays in search of exceptional home fronts considering the following water wise criteria: use of low water plants, minimal lawn, permeable ground surfaces, and level of design and maintenance.

The selected home fronts received a printed water wise award for display that recognizes their exceptional effort to conserve water and demonstrate beautiful water wise landscaping. After reviewing an extensive list of commendable candidates, the following 20 homes were recognized as the top Coronado water wise home fronts:

Top Water Wise Home Fronts
234 A Avenue
617 A Avenue
454 E Avenue
750 F Avenue
902 F Avenue
755 H Avenue
825 I Avenue
840 I Avenue
955 I Avenue
523 J Avenue
820 Adella Avenue
1030 Alameda Avenue
1040 Alameda Avenue
307 First Street
627 Margarita Avenue
920 Pomona Avenue
417 Sixth Street
1224 Sixth Street
30 Spinnaker Way
33 Spinnaker Way

Coronado residents are encouraged to view these home fronts to appreciate examples of exceptional landscaping that minimize water use while enhancing the beauty of the homes and our town.

Please contact Emerald Keepers at [email protected] if you would like to nominate a water wise home front or volunteer with our community programs.



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