Thursday, June 8, 2023

Mootime Creamery, Home of the Moo Taco – March Taco Tuesday Special

Get two Moo Tacos for $10 during the month of March 2022 only.

Moo Tacos are one of Mootime’s most original, special, and oldest menu items. Each Moo Taco is made delicately and costs $6 each. For the month of March 2022 only, we are offering two Moo Tacos for only $10 on Taco Tuesdays!

Celebrate Taco Tuesday the best way possible with delicious dessert tacos instead of the standard taco. The perfect after work treat, family ice cream trip, or date night awaits you at Mootime Creamery with Two Moo Tacos for just $10 on ALL Tuesdays in March! Be sure to hurry over, this is a limited time offer and will expire at the end of the month!

All Moo Tacos are made in-house with a special waffle cone mix. Each taco is specially molded by hand and placed in the freezer to set, before the base is filled with decadent, rich warm chocolate. Once the chocolate has been drizzled into the base of the taco, a member of the Mootime team then delicately fills the taco with thick, sweet ice cream. Once the taco is oozing with delicious ice cream and sweet chocolate, it is dipped into a bowl of melted chocolate and covered in either peanuts, chocolate chips, or colorful sprinkles. Once this step is complete, it is moved to the freezer to stay cold and fresh until it can be enjoyed!

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