Tuesday, February 27, 2024

February Emerald Keeper of the Month: Tara Davies

Do you have questions about composting? Have you ever wanted to learn more about caring for your garden, native plants, and local wildlife?

Meet Coronado Teen Librarian and Master Composter Tara Davies.

It’s Saturday morning in Coronado. As the brisk, coastal air greets a winter sun, a community garden is taking root. Just feel the vibe. Listen to delighted high school voices as more plants are poking through the rich soil. Tara Davies, club co-advisor, alongside several Coronado High School Emerald Keepers, is creating new rows of seedlings. Other students are discovering small potatoes that have popped up among the greenery. Almost-filled compost bins are nearly ready for the next step, which is to sift the compost.

When Tara was asked what her vision is for working with young people on environmental projects such as the Coronado School Garden mentioned above, she responded, “There is such a focus on the technical or virtual aspects of the future, I feel that people overlook that there is still so much we can learn from the natural world. I want to give teens an opportunity (and a space with the garden) to explore nature and life science. We’re at a critical point where the nature you and I have experienced may not be available in the same capacity for future generations. I think giving youth a chance to enjoy and experience it as we did can help them develop the same sense of stewardship.”

Jessie Hill, co-president of the CHS Emerald Keepers Club, describes Tara as someone the students look up to and who is a good mentor. “She is a really positive, kind person with a super spirit who passes her kindness on to others.”

Emerald Keepers President Amy Steward calls Tara “the environmental librarian.” Tara has worked on Earth Day programs with Emerald Keepers at the Coronado Library and has joined the Emerald Keepers Board of Directors.

Tara is planning several workshops for the public. She is also encouraging students to apply for Emerald Keeper Intern positions which will allow them to earn credit toward graduation requirements.

Emerald Keepers is proud to recognize Tara Davies as February’s Emerald Keeper of the Month. Her passion and expertise is inspiring our next generation of Coronadans to care for our coastal community.



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