Thursday, January 20, 2022

Voter Integrity Lacking in California

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Submitted by Gene Thomas Gomulka

Many states like Texas and Georgia have attempted to restore integrity to the voting process that is greatly lacking in states like California. CA encourages people to vote by mail. Millions of tax payers’ dollars are spent on mail in ballots. However, the instructions provided with the ballot point out that unless your signature matches how you signed your voter registration form years ago, the ballot will be discarded.

People have to ask, “Did I sign, ‘John Allen Smith, John A. Smith, John Smith, or J.A. Smith’?” Not knowing exactly how you signed your voter registration form, you decide to vote in person. When you arrive at the polling station, you are given a form asking for your name and address. Then when you present this form to the poll worker, you are asked to sign your name on an electronic pad with your fingernail. Now, what appears on that screen in no way resembles your signature. You could sign the pad “Mickey Mouse” and no one would notice. So much for comparing your signature with your original voter registration form.

Today you could provide the name of a neighbor who died and could easily vote for him or her. People who oppose voter integrity efforts can’t seem to explain why one needs a photo ID for so many undertakings today, but not to vote. Then they wonder why people argue that the voting process is a “joke,” or that a certain candidate was not justly elected. Until the flaws in the current system are addressed and fixed, don’t expect the person with the largest number of “living” supporters to actually win an election in CA.

Gene Thomas Gomulka 







Managing Editor
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