Saturday, October 16, 2021

Coronado Firefighters Deployed to California Fires


Coronado Fire Capt. Brandon Matey is assigned to the Dixie Fire, which started July 13 and has spread for six weeks across the area’s mountain forests. His assignments have included field observer, display processor and situation unit leader. These assignments, particularly the situation unit leader experience, may translate to support emergencies here that are managed by Coronado’s Emergency Operations Center.

Coronado firefighters, who are part of the state’s Office of Emergency Service Engine E-336, are deployed to support the U.S. Fire Service Peppermint Helicopter Base for the Walkers Fire near Kings Canyon on the Sequoia National Forest. The fire is in a steep remote area of the forest, requiring nearly all suppression efforts to be supported via helicopters. Engine 336 was requested to serve as a Crash Rescue apparatus due to the amount of helicopter missions to support the suppression efforts. Coronado has deployed the following personnel: Fire Capt. Darren Hall; Fire Engineer Andrew Dorosan; and Firefighter/Paramedics Nate Ramos and Jacob Massenga.



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