Monday, September 27, 2021

Coronado Rotary Loves a Parade

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Every year in early July, Coronado Rotarians, led by Dr. John Pedrotty and Bob Rutherford, decorate a truck with colorful banners and floaties representing the ways Rotary raises money and the causes it supports. Skipping last year because of the pandemic caused everyone to redouble their efforts this year. The results were amazing!!

Coronado Rotary Float Crew

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Committing to protect the environment has been important to Coronado Rotary for many years but this year it was included as part of Rotary’s parade entry.

Keeping it clean in Coronado!

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It’s fun to look back and see how Rotary celebrated July 4th in 1955, thanks to the great archival photos the club maintains.

Coronado Rotary Float in 1955

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Be on the lookout next year to see how the club honors our nation’s proud heritage and describes how it makes our community, our region and the world a better place.



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