Sunday, August 1, 2021

The John D. Spreckels Center is Open!

After an extended closure, Spreckels Center is excited to finally re-open its doors to Coronado’s 50+ community. The center is ramping up to offer new and existing quality programs for its patrons with a phased reopening plan. Here’s a timeline of events:

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Week 1 – Welcome Back Soft Opening June 16-18

June 16-18, the community is invited in to say hi, play some games, visit with friends, and read the newspaper or a book. The Coronado Senior Association is serving complimentary coffee and treats from 9-11 am, while the front desk will have staff available to answer questions and update account information.

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Phase 1 – Beginning June 21

It’s time to get in shape! Limited in-person fitness classes – Stretch Relief Yoga and Chair Yoga classes will start up, along with Current Events and Floral Design programs. There will also be a reception to welcome Dana Welch, Spreckels Center’s new Supervisor, on Tuesday, June 22 from 3-4:30 pm. Come out and give Dana a warm Coronado welcome!

Phase 2 – Mid-July

The Spreckels Center will continue to add programs as instructors become available.  Expected activities include Watercolor, Bingo, Reader’s Theater, Armchair Travel, card games and Memoir Writing Class.

Phase 3 – Fall-Winter Classes (Aug. 30)

By the end of August, a full schedule of new fall/winter classes will be available. The Center will be alive with the sound of music with choir and musical instrument classes. There will also be special events, art displays coordinated by the Cultural Arts Commission, and workshops offered in coordination with the Coronado Library.

We’re elated to begin the rollout of events that will make the Spreckels Center better than ever. After the past year we’ve all experienced, we’re so thrilled to reunite with our valued community members and start making new memories together. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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