Tuesday, August 3, 2021

USS CORONADO Photo Presented to VFW Post 2422 (video)

On Friday, June 4, Commanding Officer of USS CORONADO (LCS-4), Commander Dustin Lonero, USN, presented a picture of the USS CORONADO to the VFW Post 2422 Commander, Chuck Lucas. The USS CORONADO’s Ship Sponsor, Coronado resident Susan Keith was on hand for the presentation. The picture will be prominently displayed in the Canteen area of the VFW.

During the COVID pandemic while the Post was shut down, all the various pictures, model aircraft and plaques were taken down to allow for the Canteen area to be re-painted.  After the painting was completed, several Post volunteers cleaned up the old pictures, model aircraft and plaques and remounted them throughout the Canteen. During the remounting, the volunteers realized that there was no picture of the USS CORONADO and reached out to the ship’s Commanding Officer to request a picture for the Post.

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Visual Storyteller Brad Willis was there to mark the occasion:

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Brad Willis
Brad Willis is an author and retired network news foreign correspondent who has worked in Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa, Latin America and Asia. He has received national and international awards for compassionate journalism and for his war coverage. Brad is longtime Coronado resident who also Commissioner of Public Art for the City of Coronado. Send news tips or story ideas to: manager@coronadotimes.com
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