Wednesday, August 4, 2021

“Park Under the Park” – An Unbelievable Parking Garage Under Spreckels Park


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APRIL 1, 2021 – Post-pandemic, expect to see concert-goers enjoying the summer bands while cars are easily stowed under the park. 401 spaces are planned to be constructed and available in 4 months and 1 day.  Unbelievable.

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Parking woes. Coronado residents in need of groceries, hardware, pet food, prescriptions, a gift for a friend, or that morning coffee, are generally annoyed when they arrive “in town” in their car only to find there is. no. parking. This is especially frustrating during the summer months, the spring breaks, the winter holidays, long weekends, you get the picture. While most residents *know* that the visitors and tourists are the ones that really keep our small businesses and restaurants afloat and also generate the hotel taxes that go back to our city, we can’t help but get aggravated when there’s nowhere to park for our errands.

Suggestions have been made for parking lots or structures, but no location is ever suitable (#NIMBY). Finally, a solution has been found. An underground parking structure will be developed under Spreckels Park. It’s in the center of town, so visitors can head to either the bay or the beach and log the same number of steps on their smartwatches.

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If the Del can do it, so can Spreckels Park:  Sneak Peek at Del’s Underground Parking (Nov. 2019).

Lirpa Sloof, the city’s expert in below-ground parking garages under popular community parks, shared that, “The city of Coronado is ahead of the parking game with this creative approach to their parking crisis. And, there are many other parks in Coronado to accommodate people’s need for grass, trees, playgrounds… and parking. Maybe we could build additional structures under those as well. At a cost of approximately $4.1M, it’s practically a bargain.”

The entrance and exit will be a simple ramp at the corner of Sixth and Orange right under the Spreckels Park community sign; and an elevator will bring people up into Spreckels Park near the restroom area – talk about convenient!

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Once the full environmental reports are complete, the project should only take 4 months and 1 day to complete. Unbelievable!

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