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Silver Strand Elementary Grieves Loss of Teacher Susan Larson

Susan Larson. Photo submitted by Kirsten Larson to

The Silver Strand community was saddened to learn that elementary school teacher Susan Larson died on December 20, 2020, at the age of 54 from Sarcoma Cancer.

Mrs. Larson joined the Coronado School District in 1999 and was a second grade teacher at Silver Strand Elementary School for 20 years. She bravely endured her cancer treatments throughout the coronavirus pandemic and taught her second grade online class up until she went on leave in December 2020. 

Mrs. Larson in her classroom at Silver Strand Elementary School. Photo submitted by Kirsten Larson to

A dedicated teacher, Mrs. Larson first began teaching in Chicago before combining her love for travel and teaching with positions in Mexico and Guatemala. She settled in San Diego when she joined Silver Strand Elementary School in 1999. A loving teacher, Susan formed such a special bond with her students that they often chose to have lunch with her as a special prize. She loved helping her students become exceptional readers and writers; many of her former students credit her for their superior skills in writing and analysis. 

Coronado High School student Mary Penny was a student in Mrs. Larson’s second grade class nine years ago. Mary shared, “Mrs. Larson gave everyone a warm welcome and was truly one of the teachers I will always remember. She would think about us on vacation and always bring back gifts from her trips. One gift I still have is a bookmark from her trip to Guatemala. I am glad she got to inspire many generations younger than me before she lost her battle with cancer. She will be deeply missed.”

Mrs. Larson was also a loyal friend and colleague at Silver Strand Elementary who organized staff support drives and social occasions, and offered sound advice to teammates on finances and retirement planning. 

Principal Moore commented, “I am so grateful for all I learned from Susan during our time together at Silver Strand over the past three years. She touched all parts of our campus and was a touchstone for her Voyager family, advising and supporting everyone regardless of position and role. Her legacy will endure–the reminder that we all need to help take care of one another and establish traditions and practices which recognize and acknowledge the contributions of all. Susan will be missed every day, but also celebrated, through the special community she helped grow and nurture at Silver Strand.”

Susan is survived by her husband, Rajeev Jain, and an extended family and many friends that will miss her loving presence. Those who knew Susan are invited to share a tribute about Susan at A virtual memorial service was held January 23, 2021.

Susan and her husband, Rajeev Jain, in front of the Hotel Del. Photo submitted by Paul and Nina Home to

Coronado SAFE provides resources for parents to talk to children after a crisis such as a death of someone close to them. Age appropriate responses to trauma are available at

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Chloe Berk
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