Thursday, December 2, 2021

2020 Coronado Canine Mayoral Election – Final Results!

2020 Coronado Canine Mayor – Hudson
Vice Mayor – Julep

The 2020 Coronado Canine Mayoral Election has concluded. And what an election it was! Votes came in until the very last minute, bringing the total of votes cast to 16,942. This means $16,942 was raised to support PAWS of Coronado!

Here are the results:
Mayor – Hudson – 4,235 votes
Vice Mayor – Julep – 4,083 votes
Council member – Bobby – 1,600 votes
Council member – Mojo – 1,159 votes
Council member – Tony – 1,087 votes
Council member – Clover – 771 votes
Council member – Elvis – 645 votes
Council member – Callie – 640 votes
Council member – Margaux – 560 votes
Council member – Lexi – 558 votes
Council member – Logan– 549 votes
Council member – Scout – 535 votes
Council member – Bernie – 520 votes

Congratulations to Hudson, our new Coronado Canine Mayor, Vice Mayor Julep and all our new canine council members! Without these wonderful dogs, and their fantastic owners, this would not have been possible. But, most important of all are YOU, our supporters, who cast votes for their favorite canine mayor, all in the name of supporting the lost, stray, abandoned and relinquished dogs and cats of Coronado. From the bottom of the hearts of all the animals that you will help through your donations, THANK YOU!!!

The 2020 Coronado Canine Mayor Inauguration will take place on June 9, Tuesday, 3:00pm at the Glorietta Bay Park Promenade (1835 Strand Way). Click for details. Please come celebrate our new canine mayor and city council!


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PAWS of Coronado
PAWS of Coronado was established in 2003. PAWS manages the Coronado Animal Care Facility and cares for the orphaned cats and dogs of Coronado while they find them their forever homes.
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