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Cays Dog Run Users are Disappointed with Proposed Changes

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Submitted by Jennie Portelli, Richard Tolles, James Collora, Dr. Harvey Meislin, Duke Molter, Bob Wilson, Steve Bowman

Dog lovers throughout Coronado should rally to the defense of the Coronado Cays off-leash Dog Run in Cays Park, the only grass dog run in Coronado. The City is developing a Cays Park Master Plan that could shrink the Cays Dog Run and harm Cays Park as a whole.

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The City has proposed “possible improvements” to the Park and the Cays Dog Run, including:

  • Removing grass to enlarge the parking area (reducing Park open space).
  • Reconfiguring walking paths to avoid interference with soccer games (resulting in a smaller Dog Run).
  • Additional separation of the Dog Run from the soccer fields (reducing the Dog Run area).
  • Replacement of real grass with synthetic turf over a 7,560 square ft. area.
  • Space for 4-compartment storage trailers for soccer and the removal of the baseball diamond and backstop.

Expanded parking would contract the Park and Dog Run, while reconfiguring walkways could result in increasing the number of soccer fields. That means revenue for the promoters of regional tournaments (which seem to include mostly out-of-town players), but extra traffic, litter and noise for everyone else.

Before the proposed Master Plan is finalized, it is important for the City to know that Cays Dog Run users are disappointed with their proposals and for supporters to request that the size and shape of the Cays Park Dog Run stay the same. We have presented the City with a petition signed by over 200 residents of the Cays and the Village simply asking that the size and shape of the Dog Run be preserved. We want to collect even more signatures. Petitions are available at the Cays Dog Run from 4-5 pm every weekday. Please drop by and sign!

Our pups thank you,

Jennie Portelli, Richard Tolles, James Collora, Dr. Harvey Meislin, Duke Molter, Bob Wilson, Steve Bowman

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