Social Media Threat Causes Soft Lockdown at Coronado Schools

From Superintendant Mueller this afternoon:

We appreciate your patience and understanding this morning as we worked in close collaboration with the Coronado Police Department regarding a threat made via social media. The threat was made by a high school student who was not on campus today and was specific to another individual. We received communications from law enforcement reassuring staff and students were safe and not in imminent danger; this statement was shared with our staff.

Exercising an abundance of caution, we communicated with staff that we may enter into a shelter-in-place (soft lockdown), and that we would provide notification if the situation changed. We later determined a soft lockdown was appropriate as we awaited confirmation from the Coronado Police Department that the situation had been resolved. 

Additionally, and unrelated, immediately following the soft lockdown, a student pulled a fire alarm during the break at CHS causing additional confusion and concern among staff and our student body.  There was no fire. Our students and staff have resumed regular activities.

While we work in close collaboration with law enforcement, we will always balance our duty of care and safety to students with the desire to effectively communicate accurate information with our shareholders. Social media makes this challenging. Please trust that communications from CUSD will be factual and timely while prioritizing the immediate safety of our students and staff.  As part of our CUSD community during emergency situations, you can expect to hear directly from the district through phone/text/email. 

Thank you again for your patience today and your ongoing partnership in keeping all of our schools safe places to learn and thrive. 

Very Respectfully,

Karl J Mueller


Coronado Unified School District 


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