Reduce the Pollution from Noise, Exhaust and Soot

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Submitted by Jerry Toci

Having lived in the Country Club neighborhood for 33 years, we have never objected to the sounds of arriving and departing aircraft. However, we have new concerns about the adverse health effects of exhaust and unburned fuel coming from the current generation of helicopters. Perhaps a different type of fuel is being used, or a fuel which does not burn cleanly, as the amount of oily soot falling onto our homes and vehicles is unacceptable. This problem is made much worse, of course, by the proliferation of gasoline-powered lawn equipment and leaf blowers used by contract gardeners in Coronado. Exhaust combines with salt air to form toxic and corrosive sulphur dioxide (SO2). SO2 is a major cause of respiratory problems.

The noise level created by lawn mowers and leaf blowers is far more objectionable than airplane and helicopter noise, but NASNI should reduce the noise created by loud motorcycles and vehicles operating on the base. From here it sounds like a race track.


Jerry Toci

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