Make California Great Again

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Submitted by Gene Thomas Gomulka

With so many Hispanics living and working in California, how is it that so many Democrats who are soft on border security and illegal immigration get elected? The incomes of Hispanics who immigrated here legally are being undercut by illegal immigrants. Even Cesar Chavez denounced illegal immigration for this reason.

Democrats like Scott Peters who oppose the president’s proposals for stronger border security and an overhaul of the immigration system particularly endanger the lives of Hispanics who have to deal with criminal illegal immigrants who live in their neighborhoods and not where elected politicians reside.

In so far as most Hispanics are Christians and respect life from conception to natural death, it’s hard to understand why some Hispanics might support Democrats like Scott Peters who want to use their tax dollars to fund the abortion of unborn children.

The time is ripe not only for a truly pro-family and pro-life Republican Hispanic politician to enter the political scene, but also a candidate who is pro-education. Under the leadership of Democratic politicians, California is the least educated state in America. According to new data from the Census Bureau, it now ranks number one for the percentage of those over 25-years-old who have never completed ninth grade.

Trump ran on the political slogan, “Make America Great Again.” In light of all the problems that our current politicians have failed to resolve, it’s time for new leadership that can help “Make California Great Again.”

Gene Thomas Gomulka

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