Saturday, January 28, 2023

CUSD Trending in the Right Direction

As you may be aware, the San Diego Union Tribune decided to write articles about our budget this week after reading (primarily through social media posts) about our proposed lease to the City of Coronado. Throughout the week, I have received comments and questions in response to the two articles and want to share some points for clarification.

  • From this time last year to today, we have added 77 students back into our district (partially offsetting the 107 we lost between ’16 & ’17).
  • Our efforts across CUSD in identifying efficiencies have yielded positive results.
  • Our focus on attendance resulted in a 0.6 percent increase which translates to additional revenue.
  • CUSD froze technology spending in certain areas, delaying refresh cycles and seeking efficiencies through decreasing the use of consultants, strategic partnerships, and “chroming” old devices (extending their useful life).
  • The California Department of Finance approved the City of Coronado’s proposal to refinance RDA bond debt – potentially (and projections support) accelerating the timeline to reach ‘Basic Aid’ in 2027.

The sky is not falling in Coronado Unified. We have important work to do for our students; they deserve the best education in a safe and supportive environment which encourages curiosity and fosters courage.

While we (as a district) are still faced with funding limitations through the Local Control Funding Formula, we are trending in the right direction in closing our budget deficit. If we work together as professionals and colleagues, in partnership with our community of parents and the City of Coronado, I am confident that we can weather any storm.

Very Respectfully,

Karl J Mueller