Coronado Has a New Canine Mayor

The 2018 Coronado Canine Mayoral Election is over. And what an election it was! Votes came in until the very last minute, bringing the total of votes cast to over 20,000, which means over $20,000 was raised for the PAWS Special Medical Needs Fund!

Congratulations to Gus Hall, our new Coronado Canine Mayor and Vice Mayor Lacey, Council Members Moxie, Gus Plumb, Norman and Byron.  Without these wonderful dogs, and their wonderful owners, this would not have been possible.

But, most important of all are YOU, our supporters, who cast votes for their favorite caninedidate, all in the name of supporting the lost, stray, abandoned and relinquished dogs and cats of Coronado. From the bottom of the hearts of all the animals you will help through your donations, THANK YOU!!!

Here is the full tally:
Mayor – Gus Hall – 10,001 votes
Vice Mayor – Lacey – 4,000 votes
Council Member – Moxie – 3,582 votes
Council Member – Gus Plumb – 859 votes
Council Member – Norman – 822 votes
Council Member – Byron – 749 votes


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