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Candelas on the Bay – Closed or Closed for Repairs?

Sign on the door at Candelas on the Bay January 11, 2018.

Candelas on the Bay has reportedly closed. The restaurant is shuttered with a sign reading: “SORRY WE MISSED YOU! TEMPORARY CLOSED FOR REPAIRS.” However, reports are that it has closed for good. Neither its Facebook page nor its website indicates that Candelas has closed, however. And, a post on its Facebook page from January 8 indicates that it has updated its hours. Those hours, however, are not disclosed on the site. Additionally, its phone number still rings through to a pre-recorded message offering information about the restaurant and its hours.

Candelas is part of the Mestre Restaurant Group, owned by Alberto Mestre, which also included the one-time Rusty Brothel and the still open Tent City in Coronado.

Candelas opened in 2008 at the Ferry Landing. Executive Chef Eduardo Baeza dished up Mexican offerings spiced with a flavor of southern California. It had a 3.5 star rating on Yelp with rave reviews of the view, happy hour specials and seafood.

Candelas appears to have closed with little notice. A worker at Tent City said that they had just been informed two days ago that Candelas would close. There is no current concern that Tent City might meet a similar fate.

It is unclear if the restaurant’s closing could be related to a lawsuit we recently reported on.

If it is gone for good, it joins a growing list of Coronado retail establishments that have closed in the last few months including Island Surf, El Cordova Garage, and Fire + Fly Pizza.

Calls to the corporate office of Mestre Restaurant Group went unanswered with no option to leave a message.

Luan Troxel
Luan Troxel
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