Coronado Youth Surfing, School Year 2017-2018

Hello Coronado Surfing families! It’s time to get started on another great year of surfing! The beginning of the school year is always exciting and this year is no different! Just like in years past, there will be three age groups that will be surfing on our beaches here in Coronado: elementary ages grades 1st to 5th, middle school grades 6th through 8th, and high school. Also as in years past, I will invite kids and families that don’t live in Coronado. Please feel free to pass this note to any families you know that might be interested in surfing with us.



The weekly schedule is the same, we will surf Sundays and Wednesdays. On Sundays the middle school and high school will surf from 8 am to 10 am. At 10 am the elementary aged kids will get into the water and go until noon. On Wednesdays the MS and HS kids will surf from 3-5pm.



The costs for the programs have changed. As some of you know I have tried to keep the donations as reasonable as possible. This year instead of paying for the whole year I will break it up into three seasons, loosely based on the sports seasons at the schools. The total cost for the elementary aged kids is $150 for the year or $50/season. For the MS and HS kids the year is $225 or $75/season. (Parents of kids that are doing the SSS, I’d like the whole year paid at the beginning as I have to send off entry fees to them). I would like to explain that the financial aspect of this is very awkward for me and I wish there was a different way to make this work but I can’t find one. Also if you are not sure your child will fall in love with surfing just come down and surf for a couple of weeks before committing. I will be accepting kids all year long.

So for the total beginning surfer this is what I can offer. There will be a selection of soft surfboards and wetsuits to borrow in case you don’t have your own. If you get hooked on surfing I can help you get your own gear. Many people in the community donate wetsuits and boards to me and I turn around and give them to new kids. Also, hands on instruction will be offered. On Sundays my high school surfers will be on hand to help with the little kids and myself and various volunteers will work with the middle school kids. I will help all the intermediate and advanced surfers where I can. Often I monitor the practices from the beach and then offer advice when the kids get out of the water.

For the new families I’d like to give you my background. I was a Navy brat who ended up in Coronado in 1968. I’ve been surfing since 1974 or so and worked as an ocean lifeguard for 20 years mostly on the two Navy beaches (NAB and NASNI) in town. I worked as an EMT-I in Colorado and have coached the CMS and CHS Surf Teams for many years. I run surf camps all summer long through the City Recreation Dept. I am married and have four sons. I can be reached on my cell phone at 510-326-7404 or via email at

Thanks, and I’m looking forward to another year of fun in the ocean,
Stan Searfus


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