Owner of Gustatory Restaurant Announces Sale and the New Mexican Eatery Replacing It

Gustatory Closing
Photo and content courtesy of Anthony Audette, owner of Gustatory.

Hello Coronado,


As of today you will be seeing a new sign in the window of Gustatory. It is the yellow poster from the State of California Alcoholic Beverage Control that indicates the transfer of our Beer & Wine License to a new owner. Yes, this means our family has made the decision to sell Gustatory. Opening and operating Gustatory for the past two years has been a truly rewarding and experience. It has been a pleasure to serve the community we have called home for the past four years. I am very thankful for the support we have received from our residents and equally as thankful for all the new friends we have made at Gustatory.

It is with very mixed emotions that we make this announcement. As a family we are sad that we will no longer be serving our community but excited that we will be able to focus more time on our young family. Hoa, my wife, is a dentist in Chula Vista and runs her own practice and I also have a day job at the Jack in the Box corporate office in addition to owning Gustatory. All the responsibility has just become too much for us to handle as a family. I’m sure our 3 year old son and 1 year old daughter will appreciate mommy and daddy being less distracted!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my family and friends. You all pitched in without hesitation to help with anything and everything. Thank you. Most importantly I want to thank my wife Hoa. Opening the restaurant was a monumental task and it never would have happened without you. Gustatory would not exist without your vision, coaching and support. Thank you for taking care of the family. Thank you for taking care of me. Most people do not realize it but you are the backbone of Gustatory; and more importantly our family. Thank you.

I would also like to thank the amazing team at Gustatory. You have been able to make my dream of opening a neighborhood restaurant come true. It is a very difficult task to provide consistently great service and food day in and day out but you do and continue to knock it out of the park. I would like to call out our GM, Daniel in particular. You are one of the hardest working and most detail oriented people I have ever met. The restaurant is better because of your leadership. Thank you!

On a more practical note; I would like to make it clear that Gustatory will continue to be open and offer the same great service and food that we always have until the day the transfer becomes official. This will be roughly 60 days from the day the big yellow poster goes up. Please come in and dine with us! We would love an opportunity to thank you for your business and support over the last two years!

One last bit of exciting news… Gustatory will be replaced with a new Mexican concept by the talented and respected Chef Alejandro Martinez from Chez Loma! I am very excited by this and can’t wait to get a taste!

Thank you all and warmest regards,

The Audette Family- Hoa, Anthony, Holden and Emily

— at Gustatory Restaurant.

 Breakfast Reigns Supreme at Coronado’s Gustatory

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