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Civil Service Members Get Cookies From CHS Club

Kindness can go a long way, whether it be picking up someone’s lost keys and returning them, giving someone a flower, or just saying “Hi” to a stranger on the street, but what is it like to be constantly nice? No one really knows, but the local high school students that are a part of the Random Acts of Kindness Club get pretty close.

Led by Madison Steel, a junior at Coronado High School, the group is made up of an entirely female member base, with room for growth in any gender direction. “We are not exclusive” says one member, “everyone and anyone can join, they just have to be willing to do something nice and not expect anything in return.” What is the idea behind this club, you may ask? Club Creator Steel explains that the idea came to her while touring colleges, out of all places. “I came upon a brochure that featured a picture of a club called Random Acts of Kindness. This inspired me to bring this club to Coronado High School in hopes of bringing more kindness to our school and community.”

This month, the big community project was baking for the civil service members of Coronado. This was chosen because as a high schooler in Coronado, Steel knows that most of the time high schoolers do not show their thanks and appreciation towards our police department, our firefighters or our EMTs. Steel decided that “baking cookies and creating posters to thank them would be a great ‘Random Act of Kindness’ to show how much we appreciate what they do on a daily basis.”

Since the club has grown to outside of CHS, Steel believes the impact of not only this event, but other projects in the future, will hopefully be the catalyst to a ‘nicety movement’ where everyone does something nice for someone simply because they can. As for future projects, the Random Acts of Kindness Club is willing to take suggestions from the community. Steel states that with future endeavors, she hopes to lead not only the students of Coronado High School, but the community around her to be better people. She hopes to leave the community with these words “I hope that our Random Acts of Kindness club will inspire others to naturally help people in our community whenever they see the opportunity because it will make our community of Coronado, the city of San Diego, and, more broadly, our world a better place.”

This is not the last you will see of the Random Acts of Kindness students, as soon they will be out helping the local elderly, hospitals, and keeping the beach and community clean. Hopefully this will inspire the community in the future to be as nice, if not nicer, to one another because of these small, random acts of kindness.

All photo credit goes to Yannick Peterhans 

Have a suggestion for their next random act of kindness?   Email Madison Steel.


Grace Sylvester
Grace Sylvester
Grace is currently a senior at Coronado High School, she has moved to and from Coronado several times due to her mother being a captain in the Navy. Grace is currently enrolled in the CoSA musical theatre conservatory. the head photographer for the school newspaper, and works as a hostess at Clayton's Coffee Shop.Grace plans on majoring in Vocal Performance and Journalism when she attends university, and hopefully will become an Investigative Journalist for a well known news system.Have news to share? Send tips, story ideas or letters to the editor to: [email protected]