Saturday, September 30, 2023

KCMS Live News Feed and Archived Broadcasts

The Coronado Times is proud to be the streaming partner for KMCS.  KCMS is the student produced newscast at Coronado Middle School that covers CMS, Coronado and national news stories.

You can watch the live feed every M-F starting at 7:58am. If you missed the live feed, click on the “Past KCMS Broadcasts” tab to view previous videos:

KCMS is Coronado Middle School’s daily broadcast television station.  This incredible, fully produced student “run” class is displayed to students every day at CMS.  Classes watch and listen to announcements about important information and events occurring on campus and in the community.  In addition, all students view live and pre-recorded “packages” from the students who create them in the KCMS class which cover relevant topics about our school, community and larger global society.  Some of the topics and packages discussed by guests who appear live such as the principal, assistant principal, staff, students and community members, include; safety procedures at school and in the community, character education topics and reminders, events happening in the community, extracurricular activity events and club announcements from our Partner in Education groups such as the Islander Sports Foundation (ISF), the Student and Family Enrichment organization (SAFE), the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), and the Coronado Parks and Recreation and the Coronado Schools Foundation (CSF).

KCMS is not only a valuable class and educational experience on the CMS campus, our students services from KCMS also support other schools in the district, as well as the community, who rely on their film and recordings.  Don’t be surprised to our see our students out on campuses in our district and in the community, filming for this amazing program that supports lifelong learning.

KCMS is only made possible, by the generosity of the Coronado Schools Foundation (CSF) who fully funds the class and most of the equipment.

Coronado Times Staff
Coronado Times Staff
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