Monday, June 27, 2022

San Diego’s Coastal Regions Overview


If you are from out of town and considering moving to the SoCal coastal regions, you have quite a few options to choose from. There is over 70 miles of coast from Los Angeles to Coronado. Scattered along the coast are countless communities that could be your next hometown.

Each community has its own charisma and lifestyle appeal.

In the San Diego region, we’ve identified four of the more popular high-end coastal neighborhoods. To help you choose which area you want to pursue, we’ve painted a snapshot of the lifestyle and geography of each region.

The Cays

Starting at the most southern point, you have the Coronado Cays. This community is unique nestled between the San Diego Bay to the East and the Pacific Ocean to the West.

While it may look small on the map, there are actually ten different residential areas here. Homes here vary between bay front, bay view and off water. Everything is within walking distance of the water. If you hear the ocean beckoning, enticing you to head out for an afternoon of sailing, this is the community for you.

Check out our guide to homes in the Cays.


Moving up from the Cays you encounter the charming city of Coronado. Really we are more than a city. We are an entire island living out the enchanting aspects of a small town in paradise. Our students can safely bike to school. Neighbors know each other by name. The beach is a short distance from every home on the island. And lastly, we are a community invested into maintaining the charm of small town living.

To the east we enjoy an uninterrupted view of the San Diego skyline. To the west we enjoy sweeping views of Point Loma from our golden beaches.

See why we think Coronado is the most enchanting option of them all.

Point Loma

Continuing the northern journey brings you to Point Loma.

Another Maritime community, Point Loma is home to the Yacht Club on Harbor Island. While most homes don’t enjoy the luxury of having their boat docked mere steps from their door, a larger percentage of the community enjoys the appeal of a sailing lifestyle. Homes with views here either enjoy the views of the bay and accompanying San Diego skyline or the cliffs neighboring the Pacific Ocean to the west.

Both Coronado and Point Loma enjoy a proud history of military communities with the close proximity to the two bases.

La Jolla

Further up the coast you have La Jolla.

This community celebrates the arts and culture with multitudes of art galleries, studios and artisan markets.

The coast bordering La Jolla is dynamic. To the southern side of the community, you have stunning cliffs and rocky shores. As you move north you have pockets of beach dispersed throughout the dramatic cliffs leading to La Jolla Shores, the most well known beach in this community. The northern most piece of La Jolla is home to the State Natural Reserve, Torrey Pines.

And you can’t forget the University of California, San Diego community nestled next to Torrey Pines.

Del Mar

Our last community picks up as Torrey Pines tappers off. Stretching along the Pacific Ocean for three miles, this coastal community enjoys the small town lifestyle. The majority of the coastline here is sandy, catering to surfers of all ages. To the east this coastal city borders Interstate 5.

Approximately twenty miles north of central San Diego, this community feels slightly secluded from the hustle and bustle of a big city. In many ways it compares to La Jolla, but rather than having the college they have the Del Mar Racetrack and adjoining fair grounds.

Your Realtor for Coronado and the Cays

We’ll admit it; we are biased towards Coronado and the Cays. This is where we’ve chosen to call home and helped countless others to do the same. From the small town feel to the quality of our schools to living the quintessential southern California lifestyle, Coronado is the best you can find.

And for the seafarer, you can’t find a better community than the Cays. Few lifestyles can compare to their waterfront homes with an attached boat slip. You literally walk out your front door and onto your boat.


If you would like to explore what living in our slice of paradise looks like, contact us today!