Bluewater Boathouse Photo Contest

Contest runs now through New Year's Day. Prizes include all-expense paid meals at Bluewater Boathouse. First place receives dinner for four, second place gets dinner for two, and third place wins lunch for two.

This image of Bluewater Boathouse was captured between storms, anchored at the end of a rainbow. A photo contest will run from November through January looking for spectacular images of the 1887 Coronado Boathouse. Photo by Joe Ditler.

CORONADO – One of San Diego County’s most historic buildings is the 1887 Coronado Boathouse. The iconic structure will be the focus of a photo contest running now through New Year’s Day.

Bluewater Boathouse Seafood Grill occupies the building. It has been a restaurant since 1968, when Chart House Enterprises restored the former Hotel del Coronado Boathouse and turned it into their fourth, and most recognized Chart House.

The original building was constructed the year before the famous Hotel del Coronado, and served as the first headquarters for Scripps Institute of Oceanography, as well as San Diego and Coronado Yacht Clubs. It’s one of the most photographed buildings in San Diego.

Creativity is stressed to contestants entering the Bluewater Boathouse Photo Contest. Here a fisheye effect was used to warp the sign and building into a dark and stormy sky. All images will be judged on creativity, color and composition. Photo by Joe Ditler.

“We receive images of the Boathouse all the time,” said Steve Ewing, general manager of Bluewater Boathouse. The building is so photogenic, and this is such a colorful time of year, we felt a photo contest would be a great idea. It allows us to formally involve and thank all those photographers out there.”

The contest is simple. Participants need only capture that magic photograph of Bluewater Boathouse and submit it. The restaurant sits out over the water on Glorietta Bay, providing a number of attractive photo angles.

The image could be taken at sunrise, sunset, back dropped by storm clouds or lightning, rainbows or passing sailboats; it can be taken from the water or above, day or night. Anything that captures the building in the picture qualifies as a potential entry. Contestants are urged to be creative in their composition.

A panel of Bluewater Boathouse managers will choose winners. Prizes include all-expense paid meals at Bluewater Boathouse. First place receives dinner for four, second place gets dinner for two, and third place wins lunch for two. In case of a tie, both contestants will win the prize. Winning entries will be publicized.

Entry to the contest permits Bluewater Boathouse to use selected images in the promotion of both the photo contest and the restaurant. Any use of images will include a photographer byline.

Images should be submitted to for judging. Digital images are preferred, and at a respectable size (no smaller than 600 dpi and 12 inches).

This rare photo of the old Coronado Boathouse was taken in the early part of the 20th century. Tent City can be seen in the background. Photo courtesy San Diego Maritime Museum.

Coronado’s Bluewater Boathouse is located at 1701 Strand Way, across from the Hotel del Coronado. For more information, or for reservations, call (619) 435-0155.

You can also follow Bluewater Grill on Facebook and Twitter. The restaurant is open daily from 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m., serving lunch, brunch and dinner. For more information visit Bluewater Boathouse Seafood Grill on Facebook, or their website at




Joe Ditler is a professional writer, publicist and Coronado historian. Formerly a writer with the Los Angeles Times, he has been published in magazines and newspapers throughout North America and Europe. He also owns Part-Time PR (a subsidiary of Schooner or Later Promotions), specializing in helping Coronado businesses reach larger audiences with well-placed public relations throughout the greater San Diego County. He writes obituaries and living-obituaries under the cover "Coronado Storyteller." To find out more, write or call, or (619) 742-1034.