Tuesday, May 30, 2023

CHS Senior Standout: Haleigh Suder

Senior Haleigh Suder came to Coronado in order to go to school here. She lives “off island” but was able to become an Islander in middle school because her father’s job locally with the Military.

Haleigh says, “Coronado is the only school where I could feel comfortable and be myself, and the atmosphere is just so amazing.” She loves how the staff cares so much about it’s students and she feels that CHS has helped shape her to be the person she is today. Haleigh’s favorite teacher was freshman PE teacher, Mr. Burgess. Her most memorable moments while in high school are the ones spent with her closest friends and the new people that she meets. She also enjoyed all the coaches and teammates she has had along the way. “They taught me so much about life and myself.” In the final year of high school, Haleigh is excited to spend time with her classmates and enjoying their last Coronado moments together.

Next year Haleigh will be attending Mesa Community College. She chose Mesa in order to save money and to take the time she needs to prepare to transfer to a four-year college. Haleigh plans on getting her EMT certification and then studying health care. One day she hopes to work in the ER and then become an ultrasound tech. In ten years she hopes that she will have a job that involves helping people and making them smile.

One thing most people do not know about Haleigh is that she loves to sing. “I wanted to make my own band, not for fame but simply because it’s fun to sing and it is even better when people join in.”

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