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What Makes Living in Coronado Special?

We’ve heard it called many things: Charming, a beach town, a tourist town, an island, a small town, utopia…

And it’s all true, there’s something special about not just visiting, but living in Coronado.

If you don’t believe us, take some time to stroll down Orange Avenue. The hustle and bustle of a small town main street, filled with children playing, local shop owners talking to their neighbors, and friendly faces, energizes you, leaving a smile and renewed spirit about you. The peace and serenity that encompasses locals, and even visitors, can only be described by magic.

While it’s hard to find words to describe the essence of Coronado, we decided to break down the most appealing characteristics of living in here.

Sense of Community

People in Coronado know not only their neighbors, but their entire block, frequently running into both new and old friends while walking around town or enjoying picnics at concerts in the park. Children live in an environment where they better behave while out and about, because you know a family friend is always just around the corner. Police signs at the entrance to the city highlight local messages, including to remind summer visitors to refrain from playing music too loudly in the evening so residents can enjoy a peaceful evening.

Because it is peaceful here.

This is Coronado, a community priding itself on maintaining the small town values and sense of serenity that is hard to find elsewhere. Whether you are a small family just starting out, or a WWII Veteran, people of all types enjoy the tranquility of calling Coronado home.

Year-Round Novelty Events

And if the “small town feel” doesn’t spur the sense of community you were looking for, the City of Coronado developed Spreckels Park as a hub for engaging the community through creating a series of free community events. Summer time brings weekly concerts in the park and art in the park. Time to perfect your picnic packing skills!

Outside the park, the list of annual local favorites continues. Join car enthusiasts at MotorCars on MainStreet, treating every hot rod fanatic to a decedent display of over 400 pre-73 restored classic, rod and custom cars & trucks. Families gather every 4th of July to cheer on the parade and enjoy the extravagant fireworks display, as well as during the holiday season to see the lighting of the huge Christmas tree in Rotary Park. And to understand the parade of lights, you will just need to see photos, or better yet, join us!

From the Annual Flower Show or Garden Party, to celebrating the Land of Oz, Coronado has the most endearing events and quirks. Locals get in the spirit, embracing that which makes Coronado unique, by digging in and creating a spectacular garden displays, sipping drinks at the Garden party or taking Land of Oz tours each year, fantasizing about ruby red slippers the whole way.


Cities that allow the freedom for young ones to walk unaccompanied to school or wander through community events, constantly running into friends of the family, are a rarity in the California these days. Coronado enjoys an incredibly safe neighborhood, the biggest dangers coming from the rip tides of the Pacific Ocean and neglecting to apply sunscreen prior to a beach day.


You can’t describe the appeal of Coronado without emphasizing that we live in beach town heaven. Yearly temperatures settle in the mid 70’s, marking us as one of the sunniest cities in America. As an active community, you can choose from a variety of year sports, including surfing, running, biking and golfing. All within walking distance.


The exact factors that give living in the Emerald City its magic remain mysterious to those passing by, and just understood by locals. You just have to be here to appreciate the splendor that is Coronado.

Article by ParkLife

If you are looking to transition to a city with a little more peace and serenity, let us show you around. There are a variety of different style homes and options for those looking to simplify their lives by moving to a smaller community. And as committed Coronado residents, we can take you not only on a home tour, but a community tour as well. Contact a ParkLife agent today.

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