Miracles of Meditation Workshop with Grand Master Teacher Jean Pierre

    Whether you practice meditation, have tried it or never meditated, this workshop is for you. It will be Sunday, July 27th here in Coronado. Details are below.

    Esteemed Grand Master Jean Pierre Marques was recently inducted into the prestigious USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame. He was recognized for his 48 years of dedication and contribution to the martial arts and other disciplines. French born and inspired at a young age after seeing the movie “The Seven Samurai”, he began his formal martial arts training under his first teacher Master Mitsusuke Harada in the early 1960s and with Grand Master Hiroyuki Aoki from 1970 until the present.

    Science now recognizes the many benefits of meditation some of which are:

    * Increase memory

    *Treat PTSD

    *Decrease stress, anxiety, depression

    *Decrease pain and inflammation

    *Lower blood pressure

    *Improve sports performance

    *Promotes healthy living and healthy aging

    Grand Master Jean Pierre is a teacher of yoga, meditation, tai chi and martial arts for over 48 years. He is also an author, speaker and conducts workshops and private sessions worldwide. Jean Pierre and his wife own and operate Coronado Yoga & Wellness Center.

    Location: Coronado Yoga & Wellness, 801 Orange Ave. Suite 202

    Date: Sunday, July 27th

    Time: 1:30-4:00pm

    Cost: $50 (includes workbook and CD)

    Call NOW to make a reservation. CALL 619.437.6840 or info@coronadoyoga.com

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