Community Voices: Another “Coup” for the Coronado ACO

It was just about a year ago that the Coronado Animal Care Facility was housing cats in the garage in a desperate move by the Animal Control Officer (ACO) to contain an upper respiratory infection (URI) that had been allowed to overcome the feline population at the Coronado Animal Care Facility.

The current issue that has closed the Coronado Animal Care Facility in the past couple of days is an outbreak of ringworm among the cats.

Although these health issues have been seen in the past in cats brought into the Coronado Animal Care Facility, under previous management, they were always properly contained and not spread to the rest of the cat population.

Ringworm is a fungal infection much like athlete’s foot and jock itch and so is manageable. But it is also highly contagious. In fact, in the current case of ringworm, some of the staff and volunteers now have it themselves.

So why is it that once again – as with the URI issue – was a cat suspected of having ringworm put into one of the cat community rooms?

How closely is the Police Department monitoring the management skills of the ACO in running the Coronado Animal Care Facility? How well equipped is she to be in that position? And what else is happening behind the scenes that the public doesn’t know about?

The Coronado Animal Care Facility was built with the support and approval of the animal loving residents of Coronado. Please don’t stop giving that support now that the facility has been up and running for a few years. From the looks of things, the animals need your support more than ever.

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