Community Voices: Fuzziwigs is the epitome of service

My daughters is in a 6 week camp out of state and had a rough 1st week. She was homesick for her friends and family. So I wanted her to have something she loved from Coronado – Fuzziwigs candy. I went to the store and picked out an assortment of what I think she likes and bought them. That would usually be the end of the story as I would go home, box the candy and send it to her. However, as Paul Harvey would say, here’s “The rest of the story”.

The staff heard it was for my daughter at camp so they took the candy back, put it in Hello Kitty bags (her favorite), individually wrapped each item in tissue paper, went upstairs to get a shipping box, carefully packaged all the candy and proceeded to do everything needed for me to ship the package. WOW! Now that is customer service and a model for all business’s. Kudos Fuzziwigs staff!

Buzz Fink

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