Saturday, January 28, 2023 is Looking for Additional Community Voices

Somebody asked me the other day how many people work for I promptly replied that we have just over 6,100 with new contributors joining each day! Ok, so we don’t have a paid staff of thousands, but we do have an incredible community of caring citizen journalists that contribute breaking news, events, photos, videos and thoughtful feedback that continue to keep growing and ahead of any other news or community website in Coronado. It’s amazing that over 60,000 people read each month.

As the site grows, so does the need for more specific content. Recently, we selected a talented group of interns (highlighted below) that will expand our content offerings with targeted stories, but we are still looking for additional volunteer contributors. It’s a wonderful opportunity to participate and impact your local community. Here are some segments that we would love to flesh out if you are willing to contribute.

  • Military (spouses and active duty) – Articles wanted about military life, deployment, community, etc.
  • Single – what is the social scene for Coronado Singles? Anything this side of the bridge?
  • Family (moms and dads) – raising kids in Coronado, family friendly activities, park reviews, dining, etc.
  • Senior Living – retired and loving Coronado? Tell us why life starts at 65.
  • Politics – City Council meetings, school board meeting recaps, committee updates, etc.
  • Travel – enjoy traveling over the bridge? Share your bridgeworthy stories with our readers.
  • Religion – what is going on spiritually within Coronado’s different churches?
  • Organizations – what are non-profits and organizations doing in Coronado? Share their stories.
  • Entertainment – what are the top 5 things going on each week that need to be shared and attended?
  • Sports – from little league scores to adult softball, let the community know what’s going on.

If you are ready to start contributing, just follow the instructions here. Need to ask some questions? Contact me today:

Steve Johnson

——————————————————- Interns
Akshay Sateesh, InternAkshay was born in India, and raised in Malaysia where he finished high school. He came to the US for college and has remained here since: Philadelphia for 12 years, abroad traveling for 1 year with his wife Brooke, and now in Coronado since December 2010. Brooke and Akshay have had a connection to the island since they were married at the Marriott in 2009. They both always felt like they were on vacation in Coronado…and hence decided to settle here.

Read Akshay’s full bio here.

Ashley Jenkins, Intern

Born and raised in San Diego, I have lived in the same neighborhood in Fletcher Hills my entire life. Since the first day of kindergarten I have only missed one day of school, maybe not so much because my classes were so riveting, but rather that I loved being around my friends and enjoyed getting involved. From sports, to ballet, to being the junior princess for The House of Norway in Balboa Park, I tried it all!

Read Ashley’s full bio here.

Jessica Helmstetter, InternI moved to my current house in Coronado when I was three years old. Since then I’ve been spoiled by the island’s beautiful weather which has succeeded in putting me under the impression that anything under 65 degrees is much too cold. I couldn’t imagine growing up somewhere that the beach isn’t a bike ride away or where I haven’t known the majority of my classmates since kindergarten.

Read Jessica’s full bio here.

Marcie Dwaileebe, InternI have lived in Coronado for the past sixteen years and can’t imagine growing up anywhere else. I was born in upstate New York but after my parents visited Coronado just once, they decided it would be the best place to raise my sisters and I. In the summer of ’95, we headed across the country to begin our new life in Coronado – I still remember my first terrifying trip over the bridge as if it happened yesterday. I was instantly attracted to the town’s tranquil atmosphere, casual people, sunny skies, and plethora of things to do outdoors. My childhood passions were taking gymnastics lessons and, strangely enough, going to school! I loved going to Coronado Village Elementary and looked forward to learning and seeing my teachers and friends every day

Read Marcie’s full bio here.

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