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Brassy Broads Comedy Show to Debut at Emerald C – June 5

Brassy Broads Comedy Show comes to Emerald C Gallery June 5th.

Brassy Broads Comedy Show, featuring two Coronado locals, is scheduled to debut at Emerald C Gallery, June 5 at 7pm. Coronado residents Sue Shirey and Carolyn Ayres are two of the five hilarious women who will entertain the audience with clean humor about the joys of aging. The women are joined by special guest Tony Calabrese, who brought them together in his comedy workshops and inspired them to put on a show. All proceeds from the show will benefit the James Shirey Foundation, Inc., a local 501 C-3.

Sue Shirey is one of the comedians and also the founder of the James Shirey Foundation.

Sue Shirey has been a resident of Coronado for 33 years after moving from Kansas City, Missouri. She is well known as the headliner for the local fan-favorite band, The Suenamis, and has also been active in the comedy sphere since taking her first comedy class 15 years ago. She has performed standup for several years, performing at the La Jolla Comedy Store, The MadHouse ComedyShow, Comedy Heights and other smaller venues around San Diego. When I asked Sue if it was harder to sing or perform comedy, she said, “Singing is way easier than comedy. Comedy is like standing naked in front of a crowd, all you have is yourself. At least with a band you have someone you can hide behind or at the very least, blame for the pitchy note or miscue [said with a joking laugh]. With comedy you are on your own.” Sue is hoping to bring a lot of laughter to Emerald C with the women she connected with through comedy.

The James Shirey Foundation Mission Statement pulled from their Facebook page.

Sue also hopes to raise some money for the James Shirey Foundation, Inc. Sue started the foundation in 2017 to honor the memory of her son James who died in 2009 at the young age of 14 from complications associated with the disease Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia. Ashley Gardner, another member of the Brassy Broads, said, “We thought donating any proceeds to a local non-profit would be a good idea and all liked the idea of choosing the James Shirey Foundation. It made the most sense as Sue talks about how taking comedy class helped her to get through some of her grief over the loss of her son. So it was a great connection.”

Carolyn Ayres, member of the Brassy Broads.

Carolyn Ayres was the catalyst behind the Brassy Broads Comedy Show, bringing these talented women together for a good cause. Carolyn moved to Coronado in 2007 from her home state of Minnesota where she served as Deputy Secretary of State, and as a Vice President of an international banking firm. Her early dreams were of pursuing a career in radio and television journalism but she changed her focus of study to finance as it was a more practical option. Carolyn has always been passionate about community service and she started an Alzheimer’s Support Group in 2015. Carolyn has served as a board member at Silver Pathways to Music; served the Coronado Historical Association as chair of the home tour, co-chair of the CHA annual gala, and as a Del Coronado docent for five years. She is active in the Coronado Island Film Festival. Carolyn said, “Comedy is a hobby for me. My wonderful Greek friends always say ‘good people laugh’ and I have always loved to make people laugh.”

She went on to say, “All of the women in this Brassy Broad show have studied with Tony Calabrese at ACT LIVE NOW and this is our first time performing outside of his theater. Tony always says to ‘find the fun’ in your life. This is our chance to create some fun, honor our teacher, and give the proceeds to a worthy foundation in honor of our sister in comedy, Sue Shirey.”

You can get your tickets for Brassy Broads Comedy Show through EventBrite, and be prepared to laugh! Sue said, “There will be wine and beer available at the event, the more you drink the funnier we are!”



Jeannie Groeneveld
Jeannie Groeneveld
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