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Coronado Councilmember John Duncan Announces Run for Mayor 2024

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Submitted by John Duncan

Dear Coronado,

John Duncan

After much reflection and encouragement from dozens of community leaders, I am writing to declare my candidacy to become the 54th Mayor of Coronado. As a sitting Councilmember and active member of several community groups, I see the current opportunities and challenges facing Coronado. Although we proudly consider ourselves a “small town” isolated from regional and state policies, the truth is the city is a 100 million dollar enterprise directly and immensely impacted by policies from regional agencies and laws from Sacramento. Coronado deserves thoughtful and professional leadership both at home and across the bridge to guide Coronado forward while maintaining our community’s unique character. I believe my past 25 years of experience in law, business, finance, and asset management make me uniquely qualified to oversee the city’s financial position.

As a Councilmember, I have seen firsthand how important leadership and relationships are across the bridge. This is why I stepped up to serve on the Council Tijuana Sewage Sub-Committee to advocate for more funding on the biggest environmental issue facing our city. I also serve on the SANDAG Board of Directors to hold management accountable for past promises and to make sure Coronado receives our fair share of funding. The strong bipartisan relationships I have developed and knowledge of regional agencies will make sure Coronado always has a seat at the table instead of being dismissed and disregarded.

My approach to governing is to thoughtfully and professionally analyze all the information presented and work to obtain the best possible result for the community. I look at all matters that come before Council with fresh eyes, not automatically accepting the status quo and not being afraid of the work required to make necessary change. My wife and I raised our four children here in Coronado while being actively involved in youth sports, service organizations, non profits and City Commissions because we both believe in the importance of following in the footsteps of the community leaders that came before us and did so much hard work to make Coronado an incredible town. I believe I have the right private and public sector experience, with a heart for service and hard work, to thoughtfully and professionally lead Coronado forward. I would be honored to earn your vote.

John Duncan
[email protected]

Managing Editor
Managing Editor
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